December 28th, 2011

me: portrait

It's a brand new day...

and the sun is shining, which is good. Supposed to warm up, too, which is great!

Finger: Thanks, guys - I needed the support. What I thought was the nerve block wearing off was actually the bandage slipping - it fell off about 4:30. Didn't last 2 hours. :sigh: (And you wonder why I dislike our hospital?) It was still bleeding, so we slapped 2 more bandaids and a half a roll of vet wrap on it. That lasted all night (and the nerve block is still working, Praise God!!! I am trying to not think about after it wears off.....the lack of usable pain meds is wearing on my mind.), and this AM I ran to CVS for "real" bandages.

No more bleeding....and it's a clean cut. Not as big as I thought (again, Thank God!) - I'm missing a chunk off the side about 1/4" in diameter. Big enough, for sure - we found the chunk still on the blade. :shudder:

Doc said 4 to 6 months to fully heal; it should scab up by Sunday. The kids aren't going to the Grands until Sunday - so that's a relief. They'll be home until next year....:lol:

I did get to the PO - hope the addresses are readable. The postage was more than the items, to be truthful - but I don't mind. :grin:

Need to go hit eBay - there's a few more books I need. Since I can't paint right now (can't hold the brush, darn it!) I can hunt for books. :grin:

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