December 29th, 2011

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Random Ramblings...

Lots of introspective here lately. I've been...not pushed, really, but encouraged to collect Torah commentaries. It's weird, and cool...and I don't know *why*, but I'm going along with it. The reading is fascinating, that's for sure! (Mostly Rashi, but I have a copy of "The Woman's Haftarah Commentary", by a collection of women Rabbis, and I just found a copy of "The Woman's Torah Commentary" on ebay. Interesting...) I *need* to find one on the Psalms, but I can't find one in my price range (under $40. I like I'll keep looking)

We've been all out of sorts this week. Sniping at each other, snarky, bad humored (BEFORE my accident, so that's not it). Very weird....we're all on edge.

Haven't had bad dreams, just *weird* ones. Last night was a sort-of Rapture; I was watching everybody else go *poof* while I was stuck in...some sort of force-field that kept me on the ground. I told myself in the dream that it was a trick to shake my faith - how weird is THAT? I mean, analyzing dreams WHILE I'm having them? I don't even want to KNOW what that might mean......

Finger: the nerve block is gone, but it only hurts when I bump the tip. Typing is problematical - I have to use the pad of that finger, and that's not normal. It's amazing how many times I bump my finger tips.....

Michael's offers 15% off to teachers, including Homeschoolers, but you have to show proof (I used my HSLDA card), and there's no card - you have to request it (and show proof) each time you shop. Not very user-friendly, but 15% off helps. (Why yes, I went there yesterday....they had all Cannon Art pads buy one, get one free. Unadvertised...I went in for Herself. We are set on art paper now, I think.....)

I feel like I'm in limbo right now. Some stuff I have to do, other stuff (that really needs doing) I *can't* do. More odd-ness.....seems to be the story of my life right now.

Need to hit the grocery store...we're out of easy-to-fix stuff. And breakfast stuffs. And I want to get one of those finger-protector thingys to help keep me from bashing my fingertip into things.

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