December 30th, 2011

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Faith Notes

Ok...I know what John saw, and I know what the church says is coming. I can't wrap my brain around it, but that's Ok. We were told to have the faith of a child - daddy said we're going to Disneyland, and I - as a child - don't worry about how we can afford it, how we'll get there, or where we'll stay - or even *when* we'll be going. That's what I keep telling myself - He said it, so it will happen. I don't have to worry about the details.

It's odd, though - yesterday I got "told" to plan to re-do our kitchen countertops. Now, we can't afford to replace them; I had been looking at refinishing kits. $140 minimum for our kitchen (online; locally it's $300)....but He pointed me to a site with how-to instructions...and I can get "granite" countertops for $60 (max!) and a few days of work. (probably less - we already have the Kilz; I just need to get the acrylics ($2/each at the most) to faux-finish them, and the top coat (enviroTec).

Now...I dunno why I was shown this *NOW*, but I was, and SG is ALL over it. He's gonna get the paint today so we can start tonight or tomorrow......which is funny and weird all at the same time. He's usually more cautious about my DIY projects......(and he wants to repaint the kitchen now, too....:sigh:. It's ok - while I like the current scheme, it's not usual. It's sorta 70' corian countertops with an orangey with gold sponged over it wall. *I* like it, but the counters....are not what I had had in mind when I picked them out. Wrong shade of green......hence the long-held desire to re-do them. I didn't know paint was an option with SG until yesterday.....)

Discovered I can type with the iPad pain-free. I prefer my laptop.....

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