January 2nd, 2012

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Let the destruction begin...

dropped the kids off at Granny's yesterday; stopped on the way home to pick up dust masks so the demolition could begin. (Yes, I have before photos...I'm gonna post everything when it's showable. :wink:)

Started cutting the laminate at the edge of the wall - our laminate is one piece; counter and backsplash all in one. Nice - no corners to catch food, etc - but hard to work with when you're trying to "fancy-up" the counters. The PLAN was to cut the laminate at the wall in 2 places; 1 on the wall, 1 on the counter, lift that small section out, and sand down the backsplash so that tile would stick.

Problem: The laminate is EASY to pull off the wall. Easy as in *I* can pull it off without much effort. SG and I are afraid that the weight of the tile will eventually pull the laminate off the backer board. So. He is now in there yanking the laminate off the wall. Which led to the discovery that the builder didn't drywall under it properly - we are going to have to patch at least 1 area before I can do anything else. :sigh:

Still. The tiling will be done right, so that's a relief. (We had considered the "Tile Set Mat" that Home Depot sells...it's more expensive than mastic, but is supposed to work on laminate with NO prep. The problem (besides the cost)? It's only guaranteed to work for 1 year....I don't want to do all this work only to have the tiles come crashing down in a couple of years.)

This AM, SG had an eye doc appointment - he has a "freckle" on the back of his eye that the doc was worried about. As of today, it's only a freckle, and nothing to worry about. :whew: On the way home, we picked up the tile for 1 side of the kitchen, ALL the grout, ALL (I hope) the spacers, ALL the mastic, and ALL (I hope) the sealant. Plus a paint tray and a bucket to mix the grout in, and 2 jig saw blades to cut the tiles with. Total spent: $217. (Proper accounting to come later.) Oh - and we got the boards for the "granite" backsplash - 3 6' primed pine. By the time I'm done Kilz-ing, painting, and sealing them, they'll be waterproof. We need liquid nails and caulk, but both of those are relatively cheap.

All my countertop stuff is on the kitchen table. It's a total disaster in there - and will be for a while. He's going to get the laminate cut and removed today so I can start painting; we'll do the drywall and tiling while the polycoat is curing (because it's dry to the touch in 2 hours, is why. I don't want to have to eat on the couch longer than necessary. Dogs. 'nuff said. :lol:)

Oh, well - we will end up with a lovely "new" kitchen, and still at a fraction of the cost of a true remodel. I'll have the satisfaction of knowing that WE did it all, ourselves...and that's worth something. Plus it gives me something to do. Since I'm home all day, doing nothing. :rolls eyes:

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