January 5th, 2012

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Every year, I make resolutions/aspirations, and every year I bomb. Usually by March, I've gone off the rails......this year, I want to try and avoid that. So....more modest goals:

1. Get the house in shape. It's not at the stage of "CPS/Health department will remove the kids/condemn the place", but it's cluttered. A case of too much stuff in too little space. I've already started the process - I took a Jeep load of stuff to the women's shelter last week. Soon as we can afford it, we'll be building a shop to hold the stuff in the garage, so I can move my fiber stuff OUT, and get the dining room back. :sigh: The kitchen re-do is just an offshoot of this; the house is all "me", and SG wants some input. I can live with that!

2. Make sure I'm giving the kids the best education I can. I spent this AM setting up lesson plans from when they get back to Passover (April 6, this year - it begins on a Sabbath! Just like when Messiah was crucified.......no predictions, just sayin'....) I've got to go back and add some things, but the overall picture is ready to go. I've upped the art - we're doing 1 day a week of "free" art; starting with watercolors. I have "The Watercolorist's Essential Notebook", and we're going to work thru his tips and techniques each week and see where it leads us. I want to add in more "hands-on" stuff, too - make it fun, so that they WANT to learn.

3. Get moving. I'm not going to say "lose weight", because that's a hard thing to stick with. If I can add in 30 minutes of movement every day, the weight will come off on it's own. We got bicycles for Hanukkah, so the goal is a bike ride 5 days a week. It's win/win - *I* get help with moving weight, and the kids get exercise. In a fun way.

4. Study more. I have Rashi's Commentaries, I have 2 Siddurs (Prayer books; 1 is weekday, 1 is Sabbath/holiday) - I need to dig into them and LEARN. I skimmed the weekday Siddur yesterday.....some of the background info was AWESOME (yes, I'll post my thoughts on it later. Want to read more, first). I also have Torah Class's Homeschool Edition of Genesis - we need to do that, too.

That's all I can come up with...4 things. Huh. I thought I had more....ah, well - this is do-able.

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