January 8th, 2012

Calvin: Faces


It's Sunday, SG broke his foot yesterday, and I HAVE to have my kitchen back together by Friday, because we're picking the kids up Saturday and I need to have the table cleared off. So.....

Ran to HD today and bought a cheap wet tile saw. BEST $88 we've ever spent! What was taking SG 20 minutes to do now takes 1. Maybe 2. Seriously.....WORTH the expense. Especially since he wants to re-do the entry hall next.

Cabinets: We're going a slightly different direction. I couldn't sleep last night (see: freak out, above), so was googling "stain cabinets"...found a BUNCH of people who claim to have done it withOUT sanding. :blink:

Seems that IF you want to go darker (check!), you can buy some *gel* stain, and go to town after a very quick rough sanding (like...1 minute per cabinet quick). It'll work like glaze does in paint - the gel color will sorta "float" above the current color, giving you a nice, glowing darker finish.

So, the hunt is on for gel stain. Minwax makes one - but the local HD and Ace don't carry it. Supposedly, the next town over HD has it...we'll check later.

AFTER we get the other side of the kitchen going. (Price update: The tile for the other side came to $70. Everything but the dome for the bottom has been purchased now.)

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