January 18th, 2012

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It was a balmy 24* this AM for morning stables. :brrrrrrrr: WAY too cold for THIS Southern flower - I was all bundled up, and still cold. :shiver: It's warmed up to a nice 43* right now....we have a fire going in the woodstove, so at least I'm starting to warm up.

Got ALL the grades input - I hadn't done them since the end of September. :oops: I need to get a system down; if I put in "daily work", it inflates the grades (because I make them do-over any wrong answers, so daily work ALWAYS = 100), but if I don't put in more than just the tests, they suck (well, she does. He's holding his own, pretty muchly. :sigh:) I'm thinking a weekly grade for daily work, then the tests. We'll see......I'm writing everything down in a spiral notebook right now (like, today - Herself got a 65 in Bible, because her attitude SUCKED big time. I want to remember that....for the weekly average.), but I want something a little more...professional. Just in case someone (that dreaded "someone") from the State ever wants to see proof that we're working. (Paranoid? Me? I believe in CYA, that's all.)

The kids' Granny is gonna drive me to drink. She's on a "You take to many meds!" with Herself...I found out she called my SIL (who is a paramedic in KY) and asked her about the *3* meds Herself takes daily. :rage:

First off, I HATE medicating her. HATE it. But..if I don't, I hate her. Yes, it's that bad - she is totally out of control and HORRIBLE without her meds. Attitude, temper..think of the worst terrible-twos temper tantrum you can, then multiply it by 100.....and add in her age and weight, and you'll start to understand the problem. It's not pretty....so I medicate. BUT - I've kept her at 3 meds (Adderall for it's quick-acting in the AM, Vyvance for all day control (but it takes up to an hour to kick-in, hence the Adderall - and usually she only takes 1/2 of that) and .....something at night to help her sleep (because Vyvance and Adderall both keep you awake. The doc keeps asking if they're still working, and if we need to change anything - and I keep saying no.

Truth? She probably needs a tweak, because her hormones have kicked in and we're having minor melt-downs EVERY. Single. Morning. She levels out about 10:30...but those 3.5 hours are pretty bad. I just....I HATE tweaking. I hate watching her react to the new drug/dosage, and honestly? I can live with what we've got.

But Granny says she's on too many, and we need to pull her off of all of them. I am SO tempted to send her back next time with NO drugs...but I can't do that to Herself. :sigh:

Add that to the "You need to be in church" mantra....I'm gonna need to drink. (Let's not go into the fact that Granny told me a few years ago that churches are full of hypocrites and she refuses to take part in that - they only want your money, anyway. :bangs head:)

Ah, well....the kids are home for now. Granny can't afford to keep them a lot, so...we're OK. I have until after Passover before I need to worry about sending them, so.....:grin:

Better go stoke the fire - I'm getting chilly again!

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