January 24th, 2012

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Tax Time....

I think I finally have everything to do our taxes....so that's on the agenda for this afternoon. Gotta LOVE Turbo Tax letting you do them online for cheap! I actually enjoy them (go figure - I work in accounting and HATE it, but LOVE doing our taxes! :lol:)

This year, the money is pretty much "spent" - we're getting the garage converted, and the rest will (hopefully) pay off SG's new shop. 's OK - I NEED the extra space we'll get from the garage, the vehicles can sit outside without too much damage (I mean, they've BEEN outside for 3 years, so...:shrug: - don't need a garage, as such!), and...it's time to do it.

I've been on a "getting the house in order" kick lately. The kitchen set it off - the counters and backsplash look so nice, I want to keep them clean. Then we painted...and now, the entire kitchen looks nice....and the dining area doesn't. It's up for new paint soon...which will lead to new paint in the family room (they're all really just 1 big room.....the new paint shows how much wear the old paint's gotten...:heh:).....and then there's the dining room, which is currently my loom room. :sigh: It's never-ending, isn't it?

The kids have requested tablets, if possible. I think I can swing it, IF they let me use some of the pool money. They won't get iPads - that's WAY out of my price range! - but I'm looking at the Pandigital Novel...and rooting it. I can get those for $70 online ($149 locally. :blink:) and they'll do for what the kids need (the lookbooks I bought them? Suck. They come up all right, and you can read on them...but I can't get the damn things to show the books and pdfs *I* load on them. I've tried everything I can - I used Calibre (which the owner's manual suggests!), I've tried dragging and dropping...nothing. You can only access the 25 that came pre-loaded. :bangs head: They actually NEED ereaders, because I have lots of the books we'll be reading for History already downloaded...and they need to be able to read them whenever they want. :sigh: We're in the negotiating stage - they don't need online-all-the-time, so WiFi will be OK; they really don't need apps (if they did, I'd scrape up the funds for iPads, because I already HAVE apps, and they'd flow right on over. :sigh:)....they just need e-readers that can maybe access PBS. (So Himself will quit asking to borrow the iPad to watch "Secrets of the Cosmos" and other NOVA episodes :lol:) Any other suggestions will be highly appreciated - I'd like to go as inexpensive as possible, since I need 2......:begs:

Need to get back to work-work...I have 1 more hour I can give there, then it's off to do personal stuff (since I'm part-time, and the boss doesn't like me, I'm not giving her any more than PART time. 4 hours/day, max - and I'm taking Wed/Thur/Fri off this week. I'm part-time, so :pbbbbbbbbt: She'll get only what she pays for, and not a minute more. :nods:)

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