January 25th, 2012

me: portrait

It's raining....

2" so far, with more to come. We NEED this, so I won't complain about the flooding. Am on the iPad, due to lightning and electrical flickers. Sorry for the brevity....can't type well on this keyboard.

Rocky start to the morning, but things have settled down. Sort of.

Gonna run to Fry's after school...the kids are excited. So am I - they'll have working e-readers again. Got Lots of books to transfer over.

Ooops - Math problems! Gotta skitter.

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me: portrait

Did I mention it's RAINING?

We are currently at 3" - you know what, instead of TELLING you, let me show you:

See the gray "shiny" bit at the back of the photo? That's our creek....here, this is what it *normally* looks like:

Granted, it's from different perspectives...but the creek? Ain't supposed to be THAT high! :lol:

We did run to Fry's.....I have a love/hate relationship with them. Love the prices and selection, HATE the online inventory. Right before we left, I checked the website - it said our local store had both tablets I was looking at. (Pandigital Star and Planet) Got there.....ALL the cheap tablets were out of stock, except for the Coby Kyros. I did a quick google - came up 4 out of 5 stars, so I bought 2 of them. AND - they were on sale....only $99/each.

First impression - not to bad for the price. They're NOT an iPad, of course (the negative reviews compared the 2...you can't. Apples and Oranges, here.) but for the money, it looks good. We'll see...they're charging now. I'll be trying to transfer books over in a bit.....

We also stopped at Anna's.....they have 500 thread count cotton sheets for $29.99. If you've never slept on high thread-count sheets...you have no idea. These? Feel like silk...SO nice. (This is my 2nd set....soon as my mother pays me back for the set I bought her, I'll go back and get another set or 2. Wally World sells the same ones for $63...)

Enjoy the rest of your day - I will. We needed the rain...need more, actually. Just...not all at once? :wink:

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