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January 26th, 2012


So. Sad.... 07:19 am
Every morning, I have certain sites I visit. The last one before beginning to gather stuff for school is the Well Trained Mind forums. Today, I saw this...and I am sad.

Sad because the chrischuns totally miss the point, and sad because the Jews are so stiff-necked that they can't SEE Truth. 9 pages of chrichuns misquoting the NT, and of Jews ignoring that Gentiles are allowed to celebrate Feasts along with Jews. (It says so - in fact, in yesterday's reading (Ex. 12-13) it SAYS that Gentiles CAN celebrate Passover with the Jews, as long as they circumcise the males.)

9 pages of chrischuns NOT pointing out that Jesus did, in fact, celebrate ALL the Feasts (yes, even Hanukkah and (I assume) Purim), and Jews claiming that Hannukah and Purim are NOT in the Bible. (The Book of Esther. And....Hannukah is first mentioned in....Chronicles, I believe, and yes, Jesus DID celebrate Hanukkah - it's mentioned in one (or more - it's early) of the Gospels.)

:sigh: So sad.......

This isn't what I had intended to post...but it was pressed on me as I was reading. :sigh:

Oh - Anna, Ex. 13 says that Pesach is when God stands watch over the Jews, and WILL do so in perpetuity. I find that interesting.......

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