January 29th, 2012

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Busy weekend again...

Yesterday was spent moving the dirt pile from where the shop will be to..filling in all the holes the dogs have dug. Apparently, the dogs want me to have a basement. Or they're digging to France. Take your pick. :lol:

We did make a quick run to Half Price....I need to stay out of there. Seriously. I went in looking for books for our next History cycle....didn't find any of them. I did, however, score a complete set of "The Enjoyment of Music" - the book AND the 2 CD sets (for $15!). I was trying to only buy what I needed....but I did need something a bit more....engaging than "Pathways to Harmony". It's good...but it's strictly theory. This? Is a little bit of theory, and a lot of Music Appreciation.

I also got a book on Rashi (disappointment - I thought it was a biography..it's just a bunch of quotes from his commentaries.) and a book on how to have a Jewish home. No, not converting - just want to get a handle on how they think. Even if I am a Gentile. :smile:

We got a catalogue for "The Great Courses" - they sell college-level lectures in a variety of subjects. NORMAL prices are...well, WAY out of our budget, but right now they have a bunch on sale for more realistic prices (seriously...$300 for a course isn't bad - for a course - but *I* can't afford that. It's on sale right now for $29. THAT, I can do.). They're not all on sale - but there's 5 we want to get (Math, mostly. Mental Math and Calculus (might as well get a jump on it!), 1 on Writing for SG, 1 on the Dead Sea Scrolls for us, and the Story of Human Language. We can get all of those for UNDER $200.....which isn't bad at all (thank you, IRS! :lol:)

Need to punch up Math for Herself - she does well during the week, but then bombs TOTALLY on the Chapter Review (I don't call them "tests" - she freezes up. They are "reviews".) I mean...80's and 100's on the weekly work...and a..dare I say it? 35 on the Review. :sigh: She's going to daily Math to see if that helps...if not, I need to do some digging for extra support.

Looks like we'll have the shop delivered next week, instead of 2/11. That's good - I can start emptying the garage that much sooner. :heh:

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