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January 29th, 2012 - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase — LiveJournal

About January 29th, 2012

Busy weekend again... 03:02 pm
Yesterday was spent moving the dirt pile from where the shop will be to..filling in all the holes the dogs have dug. Apparently, the dogs want me to have a basement. Or they're digging to France. Take your pick. :lol:

We did make a quick run to Half Price....I need to stay out of there. Seriously. I went in looking for books for our next History cycle....didn't find any of them. I did, however, score a complete set of "The Enjoyment of Music" - the book AND the 2 CD sets (for $15!). I was trying to only buy what I needed....but I did need something a bit more....engaging than "Pathways to Harmony". It's good...but it's strictly theory. This? Is a little bit of theory, and a lot of Music Appreciation.

I also got a book on Rashi (disappointment - I thought it was a biography..it's just a bunch of quotes from his commentaries.) and a book on how to have a Jewish home. No, not converting - just want to get a handle on how they think. Even if I am a Gentile. :smile:

We got a catalogue for "The Great Courses" - they sell college-level lectures in a variety of subjects. NORMAL prices are...well, WAY out of our budget, but right now they have a bunch on sale for more realistic prices (seriously...$300 for a course isn't bad - for a course - but *I* can't afford that. It's on sale right now for $29. THAT, I can do.). They're not all on sale - but there's 5 we want to get (Math, mostly. Mental Math and Calculus (might as well get a jump on it!), 1 on Writing for SG, 1 on the Dead Sea Scrolls for us, and the Story of Human Language. We can get all of those for UNDER $200.....which isn't bad at all (thank you, IRS! :lol:)

Need to punch up Math for Herself - she does well during the week, but then bombs TOTALLY on the Chapter Review (I don't call them "tests" - she freezes up. They are "reviews".) I mean...80's and 100's on the weekly work...and a..dare I say it? 35 on the Review. :sigh: She's going to daily Math to see if that helps...if not, I need to do some digging for extra support.

Looks like we'll have the shop delivered next week, instead of 2/11. That's good - I can start emptying the garage that much sooner. :heh:

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