January 31st, 2012

me: portrait


Let's see...took both dogs to the vet. Bree has a strain, and should be OK in a couple of days. She's on doggie Ibuprofen, and is currently bouncing around the house. Kenzie has probably torn the ligament in her leg. We could opt for surgery - at $3K :yikes!: - but. The surgery won't be at our vet's, it won't FIX the ligament, it'll just bolt the bones back into alignment, and...it might not work.

We can't do that. It's not the price (well, OK - that IS an issue, but not the main one) - it's the fact that we have 4 dogs. Granted 1 is a rug, but Snips is high-energy, and Bree likes to play. There's NO WAY Kenzie will be able to rest and recuperate after a surgery. So.....she's on the same meds Bree is, only for life, probably. Doc said she'll be OK, probably get arthritis later, and might always limp. :sigh:

Kids refund hit today, so they bought a pool. :lol: THEY picked it out (from a couple I had already checked out) and are excited. It will *hopefully* be delivered next week...installation will wait.

We ran to Fry's this afternoon...I got the Snap Circuits Pro set. Hopefully, the kids will enjoy playing with it...and learn some things to boot.

Gotta skitter - being out all afternoon takes a toll on productivity!

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