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February 2nd, 2012 - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase — LiveJournal

About February 2nd, 2012

Random... 10:34 am
Chickens: The neighbors say it's racoons; they've caught 6 and shot 2 more trying to steal their chickens. We locked up the coop last night, and had the same number come out that went in. So...maybe. We'll re-do the top of the run to keep critters from climbing in (which is the current theory), and make a permanent door.

Tablets: Himself has put his Coby thru the wringer. Still works (and he's dropped it on a concrete floor at least once), is up to massive You Tube views, and the reader part works great. Herself is scared of hers (seriously - she denies it, but keeps telling me "All I wanted was an e-reader, not one that does...all this stuff!". I offered her my Nook, but she got all flustered and said "No, I'll keep this. I just...I need to get back to stuff that needs it." Scared. :nods:) I will cautiously recommend them as a bargain tablet/e-reader - at $99, it's on par with the Kindle ad-supported version, and cheaper than the Nook Color.

Snap Circuits: BOTH kids are now interested. Today we built a simple fan; tomorrow it's on to Voice-activated circuits. Pretty soon, we'll be building a FM radio - he's all OVER that. :heh:

School: I used the last of the kids' refund to buy some DVDs from "The Great Courses". We have "Secrets of Mental Math", "The Joy of Mathematics", "The Dead Sea Scrolls", and "How to Engage and Write about Anything". We decided to wait on the Calculus and History of Language ones - we don't need either one right now, and they'll run sales again later.

Gotta work on Planbook now. Fun stuff...:grin:

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