February 3rd, 2012

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I feel like I'm stuck in waiting-mode. I've got TONS of stuff to do, and lots of stuff I want to blog about...and I just can't.

The kids are sorta in the same mood - school took a lot longer today, because both of them just couldn't get in the groove. Himself had a minor meltdown over our freewrite (you get 10 minutes where your pencil/pen doesn't stop moving. You can write ANYTHING - grammar doesn't matter, spelling doesn't matter, content doesn't matter - you just write. He filled the entire page with "o". :bangs head:) and both of them had problems in Math. :sigh:

On the plus side, it looks and feels like rain. Bring it on! We need it!

I need to get in Shabbat-planning mode. The challah's in the fridge, slowly rising (I'll pull it out and let it finish rising about 1:30.). The chicken is thawing - we're having oven-fried chicken tonight. I need to clear the table, clean the counters and we should be good to go.....gotta come up with a veggie. Or 2. And dessert. It's Shabbat! We need a dessert! :lol:

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