February 5th, 2012

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I have space!

SG's Tuff Shed was delivered and installed yesterday. It's.....HUGE. I mean, I know that 16x20 is big..but he upgraded the walls to 7', which makes the thing as tall as our house (and our house is TALL, because you could fit another house up in the attic. Seriously - lots of wasted space up there!)

The garage is almost empty. His shop STILL looks bare, because most of the "junk" is up in the loft (neatly organized, might I add!). We now have a dedicated tack space (and I hadn't realized that I have so much horse stuff....granted, I'll collected it over half my life, but still!)! We have dedicated storage! It's....it's a blessing, it really is.

And I need to be more aware of that - we ARE Blessed. I have a good husband, I am able to stay home (most of the time!) and make sure my kids are actually *learning*, I have everything I need - and a lot of what I *want* (which is big - I mean, seriously, who can say that they have most of their wants? It's a Blessing, I'm telling you!).

No, we're not debt-free, but we can afford to keep up with things. (We were debt-free except for the Jeep and 2 houses, but then we bought the shed. It *should* be paid off quickly, if things go the way we've got them mapped out, so...that's OK.) We can afford some "extras" - books are big, for me, and the kids can get "fun" things, too. We're rich in the things that count - and THAT is the biggest Blessing of all!

We're going to go out for lunch (been moving stuff all morning, and I'm tired. In a good way!), then back to emptying out the garage. SG wants to watch some football game that's on....I figure, I'll curl up with a good book and relax.

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