February 8th, 2012

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Last Homeschooling post for a while...

I hope. :lol:

We got our Great Courses order on Monday, and yesterday we sat down for our first lecture. "Secrets of Mental Math" - it's 24, 30 minute lectures. The first one...wow.

We learned how to multiply 2-digit numbers by 11 In Our Heads (Easy. Say, 34 X 11. 3 is the first digit, 4 is the last. The middle digit is 3+4, so the total is 374. Yes, it's THAT easy!). We learned how to square 2-digit numbers ending in 5 or 0 - In Our Heads (I need to work on this one - the last 2 digits are 25; and the first number is multiplied by the next larger digit. So, for 35 squared, it's 3X4, or 12, and ends in 25 - the answer is 1225.) It's fascinating! (Oh - and 3 digit numbers multiplied by 11 are just as easy - first and last numbers are the same as before, then you add the middle number to the first number, and add the middle number to the last number - so, for example, 314 X 11 = 3 (first), 4 (last) 3+1 (hundreds) 1+4 (tens) = the answer is 3454. Yes, seriously. It's THAT simple! If the total = more than 9, you carry the 1 (or whatever) just like normal.)

Herself didn't like the professor - he's "too bouncy". He's very into what he teaches, and his excitement comes thru. Himself and I loved it - and by the end of the lecture, he and I were shouting out the answers as fast as the professor was asking the questions. :lol:

Gotta go milk goats!

I plan on watching these on Tuesday/Thursday, our "off" Math days. It'll take 12 weeks to go thru the series, but that's OK - we don't need to rush. Once we finish this set, we'll move on to "The Joy of Mathematics" by the same professor - same format, same # of lectures.

From what I can tell, they run sales ALL the time - I got a catalog in with our box that extends the current sale until March 2. There's a few more sets I want - Calculus, History of Language, and Music Theory (for SG). I *think* I can fit those in at the end of February - as long as I use the sales brochure and $20 off coupon, that is. :grin:

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