February 14th, 2012

Calvin: Faces


Didn't get home until *4* PM yesterday. I'm part-time. I am SUPPOSED to get off at *12* on Mondays. Once again, it was FA's office staff that didn't do their jobs - yes, the online service used for Invoicing had a glitch that caused problems. IF the office staff had actually LOOKED at the stuff before they approved it, *I* would not have had the problems I had. :sigh:

ANYway...Hearth is to blame for my current obsession. It's HER fault, you see - I was happy with the thought of a new corset-bodice for Highland Games, yes, just 1. SHE decided to get an underbust, and she asked me about them. I had to do some research (because I have avoided underbusts.....most of the ones worn to the Games are...well, they make the women wearing them look like cheap floozies. (Sorry, but...yeah.) *I* don't wish to look like that, so I stuck with overbusts-worn-as-bodices.)

Turns out, you can use an underbust to help re-train your ab muscles to flatten out. My abs...are hopeless. 2 large kids (and even larger weight-gain with them - I tended to gain 50+ with each kid, and I lost 40 on the table, usually. Yes, I'm serious - I had SERIOUS problems with water retention with both kids.) and rough pregnancies mean my abs have totally lost any retraction properties they may have once had. So...the thought of trussing 'em up? Makes sense.

I am NOT going to get into waist-training (not the way that term is used, I mean. It's.....scary.) I do want to get my abs to tighten back up - and sit-ups ain't working. So.....I've got my eye on an underbust; I'm going to pick up some cheap cotton camisoles to wear under it, and I'll see how corsetry goes. I'll never get back to my 24" waist - I'll be happy to reach 28" again. I'm currently at 31", so 28" is quite do-able, without going to extremes. (Or buying more corsets. :grin:)

SG is on board with it; he gave me the "You've got to be kidding me, we're not into THAT" eyeball when I asked about buying a corset and wearing it every day...I gave him the parental "Don't even GO there, I'm not crazy" eyebrow right back. When I assured him this was just to get rid of the belly pouch, and NOT to reshape myself to look like Barbie, he was OK. (The fact that this will be UNDER-wear, as opposed to outer-wear helped, too. There's a time and a place for bodice-wearing, and going to the local Post Office isn't it. :lol:)

The plus side: it'll reduce my appetite. It'll also improve my posture. Down side: I won't be as flexible...but I can live with that. I gotta do SOMETHING - I've cut out grazing completely and am only eating 3 moderate meals a day, but the weight-loss has plateaued. Yes, I need to add more exercise, but I simply can't do anything when it's cold - my wrist is swollen and painful today (and it's only 48*! Yesterday it never got to 40*......:owie:) and it hurts to do ANYTHING with it. Walking outside is problematical......so I sit. :sigh: Our weather's been so odd - it's been in the 70's, but with COLD winds (the thermometer reads 70, but you add in the wind chill and it's approx. 50. Weird!)

So....Hearth is to blame for this. She'll also get the credit for any weight loss that occurs from it, so it's all good. :grin: (And for the love of all that's important, do NOT go searching for terms like "waist training" or "tight lacing" or "wasp waisted". You'll be scarred for life.....some of these women are to be pitied.....they wear corsets 23 hours a day, and are trying to reduce down to 18" or so. :shudder: You reach a point where it's just no longer attractive, it becomes sick. And they look almost not-human any more....)

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Happy Commercialized Luvv Day!

Seriously. I mean....I enjoy getting prezzies from the people I love, but not when they've been TOLD they HAVE to get them for me, y'kwim?

I just spent 3 hours cleaning the bathroom for my hubby. He cares about cleaning - I don't. Can't stand it. The moment I put the mop away, it starts getting dirty again, so why put a lot of effort into it, right? (I know I'm not the only person that thinks this way. I don't let it get to the point the Health Department would come in in Haz-mat suits, but I don't go to eat-off-the-floor clean, either.) I'm of the opinion that I need to economize so that I can pay someone who LIKES cleaning to do what they enjoy, while I sit and do what *I* enjoy (knitting socks, or weaving, or spinning.) It's win/win..only, so far, I haven't been able to stretch the budget. I'm working on it.....and so is SG, because he loves me. :grin:

He'll enjoy this - because he knows I HATE cleaning, and that I only did this for his sake. I even cleaned the kids' bathtub for them - again, because I love them. (And if I waited any longer for THEM to clean it, the mold would have become sentient and taken over the household. It was bad. :shudder: They're responsible for cleaning their bathroom, and they do a good job on the sink and floor, and an OK job on the toilet, but the tub? UGH.)

So, what acts of love have you done today for your families?

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