February 17th, 2012

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So. Tired...

Didn't sleep well again. There's something bothering me, I guess - but I don't know what it is. :weirdness:

Hit a snag in Math - Himself is totally confuzzled by Percentage Decreases. He can figure them out, half the time. The other half, I don't know WHAT he's doing.....it's a relief to me, because it shows me that he's "normal". It frustrates Him, because - it's MATH. He's good at math.

Hit a snag on the kitchen re-do. I tested the gel stain yesterday (I...got tired of waiting for SG to *do* something in there, so I decided to start it myself.) and....well, it didn't work like the internet said it would. I hit the back of the cabinet (I was smart there - I tested it on the back instead of just jumping in like I usually do) with 100 grit sandpaper; just a few swipes like I read. I hit it with the gel...and it didn't stick too well. Ah, well - SG said he'll sand them properly, and we'll go from there.

School is taking a while today....Herself wanted to re-take the Revision Exercise, and she barely squeaked by. So, I get to re-plan next week. :grin: She is determined to stay 1 chapter ahead of Himself....we'll see. Next chapter is easy (number sequences), so I THINK she can fly thru it and get back on track.

Shabbat Shalom!

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me: portrait


My corset came in today! That's pretty fast, since it came from England!!!


Quality: Looks to be well-made. No loose threads. Grommets all placed correctly, good spacing. Feels like a quality piece. Does smell a bit - sort of an "oily, mechanical" type of smell. Not bad, but noticeable to me. The laces are ever-so-slightly stretchy, which is surprising to me - every other corset/bodice I've ever had has stiff laces. There's 10 steel bones, along with the bones that run alongside the grommets. There's 2 along each grommet; narrower than the body bones, but just as stiff. The tag has simplified wearing instructions...we'll see if I can lace myself in using them. :lol:

Looks: Pretty! It's black-on-black stripes; I *thought* I was getting a brocade, but this is fine. (If it was for a specific "look", it wouldn't be; for what I'm doing, this is probably better than a true brocade would be - it'll be worn with my Tartan.) The busk front is neat; the posts are small and not "in your face".

It feels "heavy-ish", which it should (steel bones are heavy!). The inside is a solid black twill; it resembles what used to be called "Trigger" (you SCA-dians out there will recognize that! :wink:). There's a satin ribbon run about waist-high behind the stays; not sure WHY, but....it looks interesting. The modesty panel is ample; it's a good 8" wide. My other corset had one that was barely 5" wide - the wider one means you have a bit more play in lacing.

All in all, I am VERY impressed with this - especially for the price I paid. I'm itching to order an "everyday" underbust now - if it's the same quality, I'll be VERY happy with it. And it looks like it'll last - I'll update on that after NTIF. 8+ hours/day, 2 days should tell me how quality it really is...:lol:

ETA: I was able to get it on, all by myself. Fastening the busk was problematical; if you don't have wrist/hand problems it'll be easier (Not EASY, because it's hard to hook the loops over the posts while sucking in your stomach..and you can't SEE the busk with your girls in the way.). I can't tighten the laces by myself, but it FITS. :happy dance: For the record: I have a 31" waist, and bought a 26" corset. The modesty panel shows the full length...but that'll change when SG comes home and laces me up properly. I don't think *I'll* be able to get in and out of it myself - it's too hard to fasten the busk by myself. So...I guess SG'll just have to lace me up every morning. :evil grin:

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