February 21st, 2012

me: portrait

Art stuff...

Tuesday is our "free art" day. We've been working thru "The Watercolorist's Essential Notebook", and doing the "lessons" - today was "sponge painting".

We didn't do watercolor. :lol:

Instead, I plopped down the 3 table tops, and turned the kids loose. I now have a "granite" coffee table top, a "granite" end table top, and a "stone" end table top. Herself and I are going to work on Himself's top; it's not quite "granite" enough.

They had fun, but he has a hard time with random. She took right to it; me? I had to go over it twice because I had "rock", not "granite". Wanted to match hers.....

I'll do pictures after we reassemble them. The bases will be black; the tops are predominately gray, with brown/black/tan mixed in. They look a LOT better than they did as wood.....which was the point. (I can't spend the $$$ to buy something if I can fix what I have. The tables? Just needed new tops. Why buy more, when paint is cheap?)

Tomorrow is grocery day...I need to make a list. A LONG list...we're out of almost everything I use on a daily basis. There's food here....but it's not on the normal menu. If that makes sense (and...I have a full pantry, but I can't USE it right now. Don't know why, but I don't argue. :shrug:)

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