February 23rd, 2012

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Today I am thankful for

-- our tax refund. It hit this morning, so now we actually HAVE the money to pay someone to convert the garage.

-- being able to stay home with the kids. It's great, watching them learn stuff. And learning along with them.

-- Half Price books. We hit the local one yesterday; my haul was small, but mighty. :lol: The "big" score was Time-Life books "Our Century in Photos for Children" - the 20th Century, all the important stuff, is there.

-- my son being so agreeable about his birthday party. His birthday is 3/6, which falls right about Irish Fest time. He has no problem with waiting a week for his party. (2nd Sunday of March, just like EVERY SINGLE YEAR since he was born. :ahem: Family can't say that they don't KNOW - it's been the same schedule since 2001!)

-- being done with grocery shopping for a while.

-- having time yesterday to look over our next History book. It's....wow. Same publisher, but TOTALLY different in tone. The "good" news is that at the end of each chapter they have vocabulary and important people listed. The "bad" news is that there's a lot of both. I'm trying to decide how to best set it up.....vocab is easy, but the people.....if I do an individual sheet on each one, it'll take reams of paper. I copied the last page of each chapter, so once I decide What and How, it'll be easy to implement.

-- the weather. We didn't have a winter this year - it was 70* yesterday, and supposed to hit 80* today. Nice. Bad news: bugs will be HORRIBLE this year. I'm pretty sure I'm NOT going to attempt a garden this year; the lack of any strong freezes means that grasshoppers will get my veggies before I do. :sigh: But: this means I'll have time to do other stuff. (Always look on the bright side.)

-- my husband. He's arranged for 2 more contractors to come out, and is trying to get a few more. He's also prepared to finish the tables this weekend, AND to help me paint the breakfast area (he helped me pick out the paint for that last night). He doesn't have to do this - he works full-time and is tired when he gets home, but I'm glad he wants to help. And I'm REALLY glad he doesn't mind messing with the bar-top stuff (it stinks!)

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