February 28th, 2012

Firefly: Josh Whedon


1. Family: B3 (the Boys Birthday Bash) will be NEXT Sunday, 3/11, noon-ish. Himself is turning 12, and has requested SG's brisket (please come. I bought a 13 pound hunk of meat. We need help eating it!). SG is turning the big 5-0, and needs support. :lol:

2. Pictures: I will try to do a photo-post tomorrow of all the "improvements" we've been making. I have a bunch on my phone; I need to get them OFF the phone and onto the Mac, then upload them. Hopefully, I can do that today, so that tomorrow's post will basically write itself. :fingers crossed:

3. Self: After reading Hearth's blog (and comments!), I've realized that I am not dressing the way *I* want to. I'm going for comfort, mostly, and trying to fit in. As a result, I'm dressing like a slob most of the time - my daily outfit consists of a t-shirt and (usually clean) sweatpants. I'm not happy with this - it's not *me*. Last night, I made the decision: I am going to re-vamp my wardrobe, and only have clothes that make me happy. (Mid-life crises, anyone? At least it's benign!) To start, I bought Folkwear's #118 - the Turkish coat. I am a gypsy at heart - LOVE the long, swishy, full-circle skirts, the colorful tops and vests.....and if you go to etsy and look for "gypsy coat", you'll see my ultimate coat. Unfortunately, I can't AFFORD to buy one ($400? Really? For recycled acrylic sweaters? You have GOT to be kidding me!) - so, I bought a pattern that's close. (Hearth? I'll be crying on your shoulder when I get around to making it - I'll need to invent sleeves for it. :gulp:)

I found some sellers on eBay that have blouses that I LOVE for...well, not cheap-cheap, but not too expensive. Peasant blouses with embroidered hems, cuffs, and collars. I don't want to make ALL my clothes - I don't sew well enough for that - and these have the look I crave. I'll pick up pieces as I have the discretionary funds, and slowly build up a new wardrobe.

Pants.....Suitability used to carry a pattern for bombachas, but I can't find a copy anywhere (not even in their book. :sigh:) Think.....harem pants, with a button cuff at the ankle. I need to hit Folkwear again and see if they have anything close - it's a look I LOVE (and why I wear sweats - they're close. Just...frumpy.) Some of these for everyday wear (the sweats will be for barn duties/heavy cleaning), with some skirts for dressy occasions. I need to learn how to make real waistbands - all my garb has is channels for elastic to run thru. Works, but not "fancy". Not for everyday stuff.

4. House: I am in a cleaning mood. I should be working...but, eh - I'll do it tomorrow. Cleaning moods don't hit me very often, so I need to take advantage of it (see #1, above. Party coming up. NEED to hop on this mood!) I can't do a whole lot, since there's no place to PUT the stuff until the garage is finished, but I can at least tidy things up a bit. And make plans for redecorating the reclaimed space - the dining room will be Plum; I need to figure out what type of rug I want to go under the dining table (oriental? Craftsman (like the family room)? Indian? Lots of choices!) and under my loom (that's easy - it must be green. Pattern doesn't matter so much, as long as it's GREEN. :lol:) We are planning on having at least 1 wall in the family room repainted by the party, and probably the entry hall and kids' hall as well. We'll see....the only room that won't be repainted is the Music/Game room, simply because I love the color and will NOT change it. :lol:

5. Books: Been reading "The Women's Guide to Niddah"....it's.....nevermind. Suffice to say that there are SO MANY hedges around such a simple thing, it isn't funny. And so many loopholes (for example: Everything a woman touches while niddah is unclean. So she can't give her husband anything. BUT! If she sets it on a table, for example, it magically becomes clean and her husband can pick it up without becoming unclean himself. Um............right.) I.....I can't read more than 2 or 3 pages at a time, because I get so wound up about it (which is why I haven't gotten very far. I'm probably not going to finish the book.....)

6. Been hunting ebooks again (thanks, Ali! :lol:). I need to stop for a while and READ what I've got. It's just.....Gutenberg.org has SO MANY, and I NEED to read them. :nods: Might as well grab them while I can - I can read them without internet, after all. I just can't GET them without internet.

Gotta skitter - I got things to clean!

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