February 29th, 2012

me: portrait


Got my underbust today! It's....well, it's PINK :ick:, but beggars can't be choosers; by the time I had the funds to purchase, it was the "best" underbust they had on sale. :shrug: It'll be worn under my clothes, so no big deal.

Anna: Yup, I have lots of stuff. I'm weeding it out slowly...but it's hard. I have lots (I don't count stash; I have enough wool and yarn that we will be clothed if every fiber-bearing animal and plant suddenly dies. Yes, my online family is included in that - I have enough ready-to-spin fiber that all of us will have warm woolies for....well, years. :wink:); most of it is good stuff, I just don't have ROOM because of my fiber equipment. (Let's not discuss the horse stuff. I've had horses for 27 years.....and been acquiring stuff for...a good 20 years. I have a saddle for everybody in the family with a couple of "extras" - 1 is for training only, and 1 is my show saddle. Plus SG's western saddle...but those don't count, because they can - and sometimes are - be used.) Most of the stuff is paper - between work and school, we have amassed a LOT. I'm weeding it out....and it's why I want usable tablets for the kids. No more printing, that way! I'm also ignoring the books; like Hearth, I LOVE learning and think that all knowledge is useful (even if I don't need it right now. I can slaughter a hog, not that I eat pork...but I know where to get knowledge if/when the 'net vanishes.) Getting the garage converted will help a lot with the house - the stuff that has no home will have a home when the space is available. :sigh: I love my house....but it's not big enough for a fiber artist (let alone 2!) and a brewer and cheesemaker.

Hearth: Link to the Costume Goddess: http://www.shira.net/costuming/cg/pants-harem.htm (direct link to the harem pants page)

Link to the Gypsy full-circle skirt: http://moonmaiden.hubpages.com/hub/Make_a_Gypsy_Skirt . The skirt as shown has an 18-yard hem. :ahem: Mine won't be THAT full; not for everyday wear, anyway.

I made a mistake yesterday; I bought the Tibetan coat, not the Turkish. They're close..but the Tibetan coat is more full at the hem, which is what I want, and it is more properly called a "vest".

I need to go put another coat of paint on the table legs. And clear off the table. AND get my garb ready for this weekend. Fun stuff!

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