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March 1st, 2012


Rnadomness 07:22 am
PSA: Apple has slashed the price of refurb'd Ipad 1's - they are currently listed for $299. IF you are wanting a tablet, and have been thinking about iPads...well, this is the cheapest I've seen them. Yes, it's the original, which doesn't have all the bells and whistles the iPad 2 (and soon the 3) has, but...it's a good tablet. At a good price too! (Yes, SG told me to grab one. He'll be ordering a new one next week (the announcement is 3/7), and his boss told him again that his current one is his to keep. So......I'll soon have 2 Android tablets up for grabs. Let me know - I can't figure them out, so might as well pass them on. I'll throw in the 16g mini-SD card, too - I don't need them, either.)

Got the official bid from Sunday's contractor - materials will run $1119, not including my door and windows. That puts his total up to right at $4K, which is where *I* wanted it. Waiting on the other 2 - and SG talked to a friend of his that does remodeling in his free time. He's coming out next weekend, so...we'll see.

Heading into town after school - I need new curtains in the bay window area of the kitchen (can't sew 'em, because I don't have a place to set up my machine. :sigh: I'll buy them this time...make some later on). Plan on hitting JoAnn's (to browse! :wink:), and Anna's Linens. :lol:

Gotta get ready to do school - laters!

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Thankfulness... 02:44 pm
1. Thankful for my husband, who had NO problem with my Apple addiction. :lol: He also didn't balk at lacing me up this AM, even if he did laugh when I UNlaced myself 30-minutes later. (He laced it like I'd be wearing it at the Games..which is TOO tight for every-day wear. Plus, it is a little bit too long for comfort - I think I need to lace the hips looser than the rest, so I can pull it down a little. Otherwise, it's up in the girls..and that's not that comfy.

2. Found the Almost-Perfect curtains for the bay window in the kitchen! Went to Anna's Linens, and they had valences in burgundy and gold, in a sort of Arabic fret-work pattern. They're a little too sparse as-is, so I think I need to hunt for some sort of shade to go under them, but they are pretty! And in a style/pattern that I can live with.

3. Thankful for friends to bounce ideas off of. Thanks to Hearth, I have figured out where to start on my gypsy coat - I have a yard of tapestry that will be PERFECT for the bodice. I just need the space to get set up in, then I can start. JoAnn's has tapestries that will coordinate.....bad news is that my coat will end up costing $$$, but it'll be ME, not something someone else put together. If that makes sense.

4. Thankful for my goats! Zoe is starting to make an udder, so I'm pretty sure she's bred. Inara looks bred, as does Mocha, but who knows. Zorra is giving us enough milk for SG"s coffee each morning (which saves us $ at Starbucks!). They also LOVE disposing of stale cookies for me...:lol:

Speaking of #3......talk me off the ledge. While at JoAnn's, I noticed that they had 2 shelves of dressmaker forms. Talk me out of/into one, please. I immediately told myself that I didn't need one...but I don't know if that's true or if it's me saying I can't sew.

Pros: It'll make fitting easier. Marking hems will be a snap. (These are the "My Double" forms, so you can dial it to match YOUR measurements at bust/waist/hip.) I'll be able to see if blouses gap anywhere. I can modify patterns to fit ME a lot easier.

Cons: Price. $249 regular price, and I don't think JoAnn's allows you to use coupons on them. :eek!: Granted, I'd still get my discount (I think)...but that's a pretty big chunk of change. I don't know that I'd use it enough to justify the price (even if I am starting to lean towards making most of my clothes)

So. Opinions, please. It looks like we might have some funds left over from the garage, so that shouldn't be a problem (but I could buy a LOT of fabric for that price.) I'll have the space..and I can change the measurements for Herself, too. (I should also mention that I'll be looking online, IF I decide to do this, to see if I can't get it any cheaper.)

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