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March 4th, 2012


NTIF is OVER 05:23 pm
Thankfully! I'm tired....it was a LONG weekend. They moved us to across from the children's area, which you'd think would have brought lots of people over...only the children's area has always been pretty much a dead zone. :sigh: So....BORING for us. Most of the time. Except when a clan cousin brought her 5-month old, and I got to steal her. (Told ya I had some gypsy in me! I did, however give her back. Sleeping, today. :grin:)

So...I have 2 photos. I don't normally post pics of me, but what the hey - I had probably 15 photos taken of me today alone (by strangers!), so...why not?

cut for photos. I'll let you decide if it's photo goodness or not! :lol:Collapse )

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