March 6th, 2012

Calvin: Faces

Made it home...

15 minutes before FedEx arrived. They were a day early!!!! It made Himself happy - this is his iPad - even though he doesn't get it until Herself gets hers (SG is planning on ordering his upgrade tomorrow after the announcement. She's OK with waiting - she gets the 32g; Himself got a refurb'd 16g. She's got a TON of pdfs she'll be transferring over, so it makes sense that she gets the one with the largest drive.

Ali, I did make it to the Post Office - scheduled delivery is 3/8. :grin:

School went well - we played "Take 6", which is a matching game of the Elements. It was fun - Herself wanted to play, too, so we ALL learned something about each element. We'll keep playing it, because I want to learn the Periodic Table, and this is an easy and fun way to do it.

I found an app....we bought a book from B&N around the holidays: "The Elements" by Theodore Gray. It's got photos of each element, along with photos of what it's used in. seems that iTextBooks got ahold of him, and there is now an app of it. It's expensive ($13.99) and HUGE (2g!), but it's interactive. I'm sorta thinking about maybe getting it....we'll see. You can manipulate the element...but I'm not sure what else you can do. And that's a lot of money for an app, when I have the book already. :sigh:

We're tidying up the place for Sunday....Friday we are running to the Grands' to pick up something Papaw made for SG's aunt. It's a stained glass cat lamp....she's going to LOVE it. I saw it in process - it's GORGEOUS. He's good at stained glass.....and I love everything he's ever made. He told me folks at the shop tried to buy it off of him...:hehe:

So far the young lad has had a good birthday. SG..not so much. The FDA is doing a surprise audit of the plant, so he's been bustling around making sure everything is running perfectly for them. Busy, busy....we wanted to do lunch today, but he couldn't leave. Maybe next time. I'm fixing Hamburger Helper (ick!) for dinner, which is his favorite "comfort" food. :shudder: It's the least I can do.....

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