March 12th, 2012

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Home again...

FINALLY. Spent ALL DAY at the office - I'm not used to that anymore. The kids were a big help - Himself copied all the 1099's and Herself sorted and filed last year's checks/deposits/bank statements. It was a good experience for her - she now knows a little bit what office work is about.

Me? I finished the contract work at.....3. Yup. Seems that FA telling his staff that EVERYTHING must be in the system no later than 5 PM SATURDAY didn't stick. I didn't get to sit down to print timesheets until 5 PM yesterday....and they made changes, beginning at 6 PM Sunday. With no note to me.......I wasted my time at home, and 3 hours today trying to figure out why my numbers didn't match. :bangs head:

Contractor will begin the work on my studio Wednesday at 8 AM. We came in over budget (of course)...right now it's only $200 over, but we still need to buy the attic insulation, the light fixture, and the paint for the walls and floor. The vinyl siding is what pushed us over - the Hardi-board was about half the price, but vinyl is maintenance free. (We also upgraded the windows.....but that wasn't THAT much. :sigh:)

Gotta go was a LONG day!

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