March 13th, 2012

Calvin: Faces

Rain, rain...

well, DON'T go away, just.....hit the pause button. Forecasters are saying we're in for Thunderboomers the rest of the week, which means that it would be almost impossible to deliver the stuff for my studio.

So. Demolition has been postponed until Monday. :sigh: and :huzzah:, because we started emptying the pantry this AM.....and......:gulp: I gotta find temporary storage for my preps; one where the contractors won't see it and think I've gone off my blooming rocker. (I have, but no need to advertise it, iykwim. :wink:)

I've got the main Homeschool bookshelf scanned into Book Crawler. Think I'll spend time this week attempting to get the rest of the books (HA!) scanned in.....thing is, if I've READ the book, I pretty much remember I own it. Most of the HS stuff I haven't read...and most of the Equine books we have I have only scanned. I honestly don't KNOW what we have there (we scored a large haul from Craig's List last year - something like 100 horse care books - and I haven't taken the time to SEE what we have. There's been a No-Buy order in place for horse books ever since. :lol:) (And for the record, SG wanted them. *I* feel like I have enough real-life experience that I don't NEED a ton of books; he feels that he needs the hand-holding. So...we have 2 shelves of horse-care books. :shrug:) I'm dreading the craft books...I KNOW I have a ton of those (most out of print; most the local libraries have never even HEARD of. :sigh:) I really need to figure out how to get the e-books over...I have...well, right now, I think I have almost as many e-books as I do print books. It's...frightening. :grin: (What? There's a TON of free classics out there, plus B&N runs free offers, and........well, I gotta step away from the bookstores for a while. My "to be read" pile is daunting!)

And then I need to try and finish setting up our next History cycle. I have 7 chapters done...9 to go. Fun the work stuff I need to do. Later. I don't wanna do WORK-work right now. :lol:

AND...Passover's coming up. Right now, the kitchen is pretty much ready - some crumbs, but we did a pretty thorough deep-clean this weekend, so it's not too bad. I'll run the oven cycle this week to "kosher" it.....then try to stay on top of things until after the Feast. (That's one good thing about remodeling/painting - things get CLEAN. :lol:)

Off to do some "work"......the kids are going nuts because of the lack of school, and the dogs don't know what to think - we're HOME. We were gone for SO LONG (yesterday), and they thought they were going to starve to death, because we had left and didn't come back, and there was no food or water or TV remotes to consume, and.....:lol:

Oh, yeah - Home Depot now accepts PayPal!!!! (You have NO idea how happy this makes me - if you spend $5K+/year, you get "special offers" from PayPal, plus "special" handling of any problems. Last year it was easy - we purchased all the HS stuff and the milking machine (along with my normal shopping); I barely hit it this year (thanks to the pool!) I'm about to use PayPal to pay for all the stuff for the remodel. I'll hit the minimum for SURE now this coming year......(OK, it's not THAT big a deal, but I have had to deal with problems, and thanks to my "super customer" status it was handled IN PERSON - yes, PayPal called me! - instead of over e-mail. I kinda like that....) SG doesn't care - he'd just as soon I handle payments, so it's win/win. (And...$5K/year sounds like a lot, until I figured up what I spend on books/clothes/kid stuff/goat stuff online (It works out to $416/month....which STILL looks like a lot. I need to look at what I'm spending....). And I use PayPal for most of it. :sigh: I wish things were cheaper....but since they're not, I might as well do the best I can and get all the perks available, right?)

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Calvin: Faces

Well, THAT didn't work out quite like we expected....

Home Depot DOES take PayPal. Only, not at the Pro Desk. Where we had to go, because our contractor gave us his Pro Rewards discount. :sigh: bonus points for me. :sad: (Ah, well - easy come, easy go. :grin:)

And.....HD sucks. The employee went over the order with me, he'd cleared it with both SG and the contractor, rang me up, I had to call the bank to up my limit (it was....way over $500. :sigh:), and THEN realized that, oops, he'd somehow deleted the insulation off of the quote. :bangs head: So I had to go thru the whole rigamarole AGAIN to add 6 rolls of insulation to the delivery (and couldn't use PayPal AGAIN, because of the discount. :sigh:) At least he removed the delivery charge from that and the siding, which is a special order and won't be in until next week.

Upside, I think I have my paint picked out - "Alpine Green". It's a nice, earthy, light sage-ish color, which will look FANTASTIC with the light spice trim. And will set off all the wood I have (wheels, loom, etc) WONDERFULLY well. We'll see.......

I'm pondering window treatments now. The breakfast area is done, I just bought the curtain for the family room (the BA has the lovely Arabic-feeling valances, and lower curtains that echo the diamond-motif in burgundy and browns. The new set is a brighter burgundy (that echos the red the accent wall will be) and gold, and has the same "feel". ) I've got time to think about it - it's been 9 years since we moved in, and I JUST TODAY bought the curtain for the family room. :giggle: (It's had a lace panel on it. BORING but at least it was covered.)

Back to work - I'm about to start Ch. 9! Out of 16!

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