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March 15th, 2012


Thankful Thursday 08:37 am
1. The family room is almost done! We spent yesterday afternoon painting - we went from terracotta to "Eastern Amber". Same feel, but much "happier", if that makes sense.

2. DH is such a good sport. He wanted an accent wall in the family room; I said sure. He chose RED. I hate red. However, marriage (and life) is all about compromise. We have a red wall. The good thing? I preselected the reds he was allowed to choose from - and I LOVE the results. Pics later - we have no net at home, and I can't figure out how to up,Ida pics from my phone.

3. The weather. It's been drizzly for so long - but not flooding. We need the rain, and this has been perfect.

Gotta eat - then back home to finish painting. The net is down until we finish - we unplugged everything to paint. At least Denny's has free wifi!

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