March 20th, 2012

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More Meanderings...

Anna, you make good points. I am NOT listening to the voice - we did take last week off, but this week we've gone back to normal (and last week was because SG was off Wed-Fri. School doesn't go smooth when the Daddy-man is home. :lol:). Church - ain't gonna happen, so I'm not sure why it keeps trying.

House: is a little different - it's not a voice, it's a "feeling". Can't explain it any better. I'm doing my level best to NOT cut into family-time; last night I painted the entry hall while the kids were playing Minecraft. (Right now, they're watching a movie for our Writing class. Yes, really - we'll discuss plot when it's over. And compare it to the comic - today's choice was :ick: "Iron Man 2". :blech: No painting, though - I'm watching the oven do it's self-clean cycle.) The family room was a family affair.....and we painted it *after* we had done stuff together. I *will* start keeping a closer eye on it, though, just to make sure I'm not shorting my kids/husband any attention. (I talk to Yah all the time, even while painting. :grin: I try to keep Him at the front of the line, even when I have hair-brained schemes going.)

Ali, I don't know what to tell you. Church as it is today is bad ju-ju, and should be avoided by all who truly follow Christ. I'll ask you what I asked somebody else this morning: If Jesus were here, today, would HE attend church services? Would He tolerate the pagan-influences? Would He agree that it's OK, as long as your intentions are pure?

Or would He go ballistic on them and open a can of whoop-ass? (a la the money-changers.) Would He tell it like it is, and condemn the practices?

I understand wanting interaction with people......but I think you need to try and see what you have *now* that can help with that. I missed the folks at the last church we went to...until I asked myself why. They weren't helping me with my walk - in fact, they were doing everything they could to get me BACK into the box that a good chrischun should be in. That..doesn't help - it hinders. And needs to be nipped - you don't want to be dragged back into idolatry (which is what we are talking about, if you get down to brass tacks. Worshipping anything NOT God - which is what the Christian church is doing - is idolatry. Think about it....)

It just....we're almost at the point of no return, I think. I don't know *exactly* what's going to happen; I know what John saw, but I can't interpret it. I'm still not sure that the Rapture-as-the-church-teaches is correct, simply because the *church* says it. I haven't ruled it out - Yah can do anything, after all - but....I dunno. SOMETHING is going to happen. Passover is close - and there's SO MANY signs pointing to it, I can't ignore the fact that we are right on the cusp of something big.

All I can suggest is Pray. For your situation, for Israel, for what's coming. Because that's the only thing that's going to do any good, I think.

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