March 22nd, 2012

Firefly: Josh Whedon

*crickets chirping*

So. 9 AM rolls around, and nobody's here. SG called - oh, someone WILL be there by 11!

Yeah. At 10, someone knocks on the door. It's someone I've NEVER seen before; says Mike sent him. O....K. I go outside, and get his entire life story. Plus the little tidbit that the guy who is supposed to be working with him today has another job (at a Pawn Shop), has the trailer, and won't be available until TOMORROW. Oh, and the stuff is going to be delivered today at 11, and he wanted to make sure there was room in the garage for it, and, by the way, he likes to leave his compressors and stuff at the job site, so hope I don't mind. And he'll be taking the pool down, and too bad the new one's not here yet - "Oh, but it IS. See these boxes? (A BUNCH) That's it!" - oh. Oh. Um.....yeah. So it is. Well, they'll get this job finished on Monday - "No. You won't. We won't be home on Monday." "Oh. Well, we'll be able to get into the garage though, right?" (Over my dead body - and the bodies of all the imbeciles that work with you that TRY to get in) "Nope." "Oh. Um. Well......oh! We'll take down the pool on Monday, then! I'm taking the deck - Mike said it was OK (even though he then tells me he LOVES building decks, and does a professional job on them...and my deck was built by my non-professional BIL and looks like it. So...I don't even know.) and, um, that'll be a full day's work right *there*."

At 10:15, he got in his truck and LEFT. I asked him, as he was headed that way, "Um. You ARE going to be here at 11 when the supplies are delivered, right?"

I got a deer-in-the-headlights-look. "Oh. Um. Yeah. Yeah! That's right!".

*bangs head*

So. Let's see...what could God be trying to teach me? Patience? Can't be that - I'm one of the most patient people around (seriously. I waited 2 years for my last spinning wheel, I think I have patience covered). Compassion? this dog and pony show? Not sure what I'm supposed to be compassionate about, but I'm trying to be understanding. Faith? Got that - I DO have faith; this job will get done sooner or later..but I'm thinking it might take a few calls to some attorney friends I have. Or SG going Marine-Corps ballistic on them. Either one will work for me......

I asked myself what would Jesus do, in this situation. Well, He'd probably listen to the guys' stories (which I am doing), and He'd be all sympathetic...and then He'd tell them to stop sinning. *I* can't do that.....but I'm trying to stay calm. Even if I now know more about these.....people...than I ever wanted. (This guy got hit in the back of the head with a sledgehammer at his next-door neighbor's house in the last few years. ICU for..2 days private room for....whatever. I DIDN'T ASK. I REALLY don't care......I don't need to know. Honest. I can be happy with the work - soon as it's DONE, I don't need your entire life's story while we wait to begin. :sigh:)

I DO see the humor in it, and I AM laughing - when the guys leave. However.....I really would like to SEE some progress, so I can start moving my weaving equipment to it's new home. Really. :sigh:

I have bets out. 1 on if the supplies even show today. Another on IF anyone actually shows up *tomorrow* (even though we were ASSURED just this morning that someone would be here TODAY, at 11, to get the party started.). It's......I'm trying very hard to keep laughing over it - no need in me and SG both to be pissed off over it.

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ALL the supplies (except the siding) are now in my garage. The HD guy was very nice. So was Mike, and guy #4 (Skeeter? Scooter? Something odd Texan like that.) is supposed to be here in the morning. And all weekend. (Great. Now I have a squatter. :sigh: and :lol:)

SG said "No, he doesn't have to work this weekend. *I'll* be home on Monday - that's OK." *I* said "YES. Yes, he does - because IF you let them off, we might not see them again!"

I'd much rather my Sabbath be interrupted by the joyous sounds of *work* being done - work that SHOULD have been done this week! - instead of having a nice, quiet Sabbath and possibly NO work sounds next week.

I will say that my French Doors are a lovely sight. I've ALWAYS wanted a house with French Doors - don't know why, but I love the look. Granted, they aren't ON my house yet, but I finally have my French Doors.......they will look very nice in the wall, set in between 2 large windows. (The garage door wall will be mostly glass - LOTS of light! We figured it'd be less construction, and therefore less labor costs....and I like natural light.)

So. We shall see tomorrow.........all bets are off. SG has started to show his displeasure with Mike, and MAYBE it's working. We'll see. I HOPE they finally get off their arses and get to work - I'm tired of limbo.

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