March 25th, 2012

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I still hate contractors...

because NO ONE showed up yesterday. Well, that's not *exactly* true - Mike showed up with more lumber, dropped it, got caught by us, so had to chat, then left. Told us Skeeter would ABSOLUTELY be here soon, gave us some cash for him (WTH?? Who does that, anyway - gives CASH to a stranger to give to another stranger??????? I mean, yeah, we'll do it - it's not our money - but.....WHO DOES THAT???), and booked it. :sigh:

He told us at 2 - when SG called him for the umpteenth time - that someone would be her FOR SURE today at 10. Right.

Someone posted a comment over the Sabbath about my re-painting spree. (It was in response to someone else's comment).......y'all don't understand. MY painting isn't the focus of my life right now - neither is the garage re-do. It's just what I POST about, because my life? Isn't really blog-fodder. (Spiritual posts come when He prompts.....I can't pull those out of a hat. :wink:) Seriously - typical day:

5:15 - alarm goes off. Shower, fire up laptop, check email.
6:00 - start the waking-up procedure. 3 dogs head to Herself's room, I open the door and mild chaos ensues. Bree hits Herself's on button by sticking her (Bree) nose in Herself's ear. I say "Time to get up!", and head to Himself's room, where a similar scenario ensues, but with the addition of at least 2 dogs barking at the gerbils. Go back to kitchen, start my breakfast and SG's coffee.

6:15, 6:30, 6:45 - Remind kids it's time to get UP. Run thru blog-list on computer, watch local news for weather and traffic. Say Good Morning to Himself, who usually drags in around 6:30-ish.

7:00 - Go in and physically wake up Herself. Listen to the mumbles and grumbles as she finally drags herself out of bed, then jolly both kids into eating something - Anything!.

7:15 - head out for "morning stables". I milk (right now, we're down to half a goat. It's quick!) while Himself feeds the horses and bucks. Herself sets up the goat(s), does the chickens, then comes back and feeds the non-milkers. I make sure the goats have inside water, and we head up to the house.

7:45 - 8:15 - we start school. Or try to. Some days, we are a little "late", others, we're "early". :shrug:

10:00 - Seatwork is usually done. The kids do "extra" stuff - lately we've been watching a Shakespeare documentary. Free reading is done now. I am usually doing work-work - but the command center is in the family room, where the TV is, and that's where we all hang out. Hobby stuff can also be done now, IF any "assigned" reading has been done. (We get done so quick because a) both kids are at the same place, academically (He's accelerated, she's just on track) and b) I don't have to do a lot of explaining (both kids "get" most of it, easily) and c) We are on a "block" schedule - not every subject gets done every day. We have a MWF/TTh schedule that is working out really well. We do Bible, Hebrew Reading, and Latin daily, but the rest rotate. Herself has Math daily, but TTh consists of going deeper on what we did on MWF, so it's not too bad/long. It helps that I only have 2 kids, and both are older and - right now - need minimal instruction. I foresee Trig taking longer, as well as Chemistry and Physics - should we be here. :wink:)

IF it's a "town day" (Thanks, Anna! Love the term!), we go grocery shopping/whatever now, and usually have lunch out. This only happens....1x/month, usually - but sometimes we *do* go out more. This is also when I try to run to the Post Office - I'll grab 1 kid and go, so that we get some one-on-one time in. Some weeks, we do this daily, others, we only get out maybe 1x, but it works for us. Also, this is when we go to the park/bike ride/whatever, weather permitting.

12:00 - Lunch

1:00 - 2:00 - chore time. Sometimes they start earlier, but always by 1.

2:00 - 4:00 - computer time for the kids. Each one has 1 hour to do whatever they want; Himself usually plays Minecraft; Herself noodles around on Ravelry or plays something. At 4 (or thereabouts) the computer is shut down and they do whatever until...

5:00 - Evening stables. Usually SG is home, and he supervises this while I am fixing dinner.

6:00 - 8:00 - Family time. Usually consists of both kids on the computer again; sometimes they are playing on the Wii/PS3. SG and I either watch them, or watch something on PBS (which ends up sucking the kids in, too.) I might read.....we're all together in the same room, doing our own thing pretty much, but also interacting.

8:00 - Bedtime. Arbitrary. *I* need 8 hours, minimum, so EVERYBODY goes to bed at 8.

See? Boring. Right now, the garage re-do/painting is the ONLY thing "different" that's going on, so I blog about it. Most of our days run along like clock-work, which is what Herself needs. It makes it easy on me, too - I have specific time to do work-work, so I don't put it off too much.

Painting - when I do it - gets done either between 2 and 5, or after dinner. Weekends we do most stuff as a family - even if it's just running to Home Depot for something, we all go. We do adventures - sometimes - but there's not a lot going on within driving distance right now (we live...out. Which I LOVE, but does put a crimp on things. It's got to be something really good to drag me out of the house!), so we do "house" things.

Anyway. I gotta go do morning stables (I let the kids and usually SG sleep in on weekends) and get ready to blow a gasket when no one shows up. Because I think that's the way the day is going to go. Hope I'm wrong!

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Oh. My!

Skeeter and his..partner? - hereafter referred to a "#5") showed up today! At 12:33, after NUMEROUS phone calls to Mike. Mike showed up, as well - then ran off to purchase...something for them, then left again.

They "worked" until 2, when they left for lunch - BUT! They were back by 2:53. Whoa - an hour lunch!?!!!! Who'd'a thunk it??

So far, they have pulled off the drywall of the wall facing the street, insulated, and re-drywalled (most of) it. SUPPOSEDLY, the door wall and BOTH interior walls will be DONE - or at least to the point that we will be able to actually SECURE the new room with the door hardware we picked up yesterday.

I am not holding my breath, because Skeeter is doing all that work himself, while #5 is sorta-kinda taking down the pool deck. Let's just say that neither one of my children are as lazy as these 2 - and both my kids like to slack off. :rolls eyes: (Next to #5 and Skeeter, my children are PARAGONS of activity.'s like watching paint dry.)

Mike assured me this AM that the room WILL be finished - TOTALLY - by Friday; I think the pool is included in that time-frame, but I am more worried about my room. I have friends coming over Saturday :gasp!: and they kinda need a way into the house. (Our front door is usable, yes - but you can't get TO it right now, thanks to the swamp we have going. Sort of a quasi-Everglades. See, this was a cow pasture, and drainage wasn't a factor. The land has a very gentle slope right to the area in front of my front porch - I managed to pick the ONLY area in the entire property that was level enough to build on for the house. Seriously - the rest of the property slopes one way or another, mostly down to the creek. The back yard even slopes! :giggle: The area in front of the front porch is a kinda bowl.......and it's all swampy. These guys will "fix" it for us, complete with a field stone sidewalk, for another $1500...but WE can do it a lot cheaper and quicker. So....that's on the list. Near the bottom - we never use the front door anyway. :snicker:)

And if you're wondering why I'm blogging this whole thing - records. Just in case we have to take action, all my entries are time- and date-stamped. Just in case - I learned that with the whole home-building fiasco. My webpage FINALLY got the builders off their arses...after I dropped a few hints that I had named names on the WWW. :lol: Seriously....6 months to build a non-custom home? That's outrageous! So is this current I keep records. Both written, and here on the web. I'm about to start naming names, too....just so that anyone googling this crew will see what's going on. :nods:

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