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March 28th, 2012


Well... 02:18 pm
it's 2 PM, and someone FINALLY showed up. We were gone, but I *know* they got here right before we did. How? The truck is still fully loaded with their tools/equipment. Plus, #5 was just climbing out of the truck when we pulled into the driveway.

2. 2 PM for pete's sake! Wish *I* had hours like that!!!!

Mike (who FINALLY took SG"s call at 12:15 or so) SWEARS that Skeeter will be here at *8:30* tomorrow morning. I...don't believe it.

At 11, I gave up and we ran to town. The kids wanted Chick-fil-A, so we did that for lunch, then hit Anna's Linens (no luck), JoAnn's (I scored fabric for 2 pairs of pants) and Wally-World (finally scored curtains for my studio/new summer shorts/tops). WE were productive.......never mind.

I need to put stuff up.

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