March 29th, 2012

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Thankful Thursday....

1. They got *all* the walls insulated and re-drywalled yesterday. (They stayed until 8:15 last night, too - I sweetened the pot by buying them dinner. Hey, a few bucks spent at Sonic to ensure they stayed past 5? Worth every penny!)(And, this is how I got my house built. Bribery. I started bringing fresh, home-baked treats 3 or 4 days a week, and - lo and behold! - the builders started showing up every day. Box mixes are cheap, and it worked. I have no regrets.) Skeeter said they'd be here at 12:00 today (what happened to 9????) and that the walls would be ready to paint by the time he leaves (textured). The plan is that I will paint first thing in the morning - IF Skeeter keeps his word. Sunday, we'll clean the floor, and maybe be able to stain it. If so, then Monday afternoon/Tuesday morning we can start moving my stuff in. :fingers crossed:

2. Rugs. The new ones we bought? Will be used in the family room. The lovely craftsman-type rug will go under my loom. After looking at it, it makes more sense - the new rugs are more "traditional" (sort of oriental-floral-y) and work better in a more "formal" setting (not that MY house will EVER be considered formal, but you know what I mean.) I found a runner to match the craftsman-style rug, so that will go under my wheels; I just need to find a smaller area rug for the sewing area.

3. Shakespeare. Last week, I went hunting for our Shakespeare movies...and realized that I only had 1. The rest were all VHS...and I don't have a VCR any more. So, yesterday I hit eBay. Found 8 new DVDs for us...for relatively cheap. We'll be able to do our Shakespeare study soon - which is good. Both kids have grown up with the Bard - they were quoting "Taming of the Shrew" in Pre-K :lol: - so this will be a pretty painless subject.

4. TorahClass finally released Exodus! I downloaded it, but haven't looked at it yet. Since we still haven't started Genesis, it's not a big deal...but at least we have it. (I really need to just go ahead and start. Waiting on SG is...well, it's not going to happen. So.....:sigh:)

5. Have I mentioned how thankful I am for eBay lately? It's a great way to get stuff cheap.....which we need. VERY grateful for that!

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I think I've figured out "contractor" talk

12:00 NOON means 2-ish. Or there-abouts. And "We are going to put the leftover insulation (2 - yes, *2* - full rolls, plus a lot of pieces) in the attic" from me doesn't mean that YOU get to take them home. Although, that's apparently what he heard me say. :sigh: (WE paid for all the supplies - I have the receipt AND the withdrawal from my checking account to prove it. WE will keep all the scraps and leftovers, thank you very much!) (Besides the insulation, there are 8 sheets of drywall, 2.5 boxes of mud, 3 sheets of 1/2" plywood, and I don't know HOW many drywall screws. What we don't need, we'll take back for a refund - but we've got uses for most of it. Why take it back, only to buy it again later? Especially since prices are going up.)

I'm not going to offer to feed them today. Sorry, but the assumption that THEY get to keep MY stuff rubbed me the wrong way.

Think I'll watch the kids play the'll calm me down.

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