April 3rd, 2012

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Contractors suck....

Needless to say, NO ONE showed up yesterday, and this time, Mike refused to answer or return our calls. I'm going to do something I don't normally do - name names. Probably won't help our case, but it might keep others from using this "business".

Mad Dog Remodeling, in Canton Texas. Owner: Mike Wilson

If you happened upon my little spot on the web by googling, hit the "home improvement" tag at the bottom of this post to read the whole saga. We signed with him, and PAID IN FULL for the garage conversion (and then PAID IN FULL a few weeks later to get an above-ground pool installed, with a deck) and...as of right now, the garage is maybe 75% done. The French doors LEAK, the outlets haven't been installed, the attic access is outside getting rained on, the ducts and registers are somewhere in the mass of stuff in the middle of the garage....and Mike won't take our calls. (The paid in full was a mistake on my part; my husband told me to write the check, and "the amount is on the contract!". Only, that was the full amount, and I didn't think to divide it. Mike, of course, was perfectly happy to take the check - and he cashed it a few hours later. Just like he did the check for the pool, AND the check for $375 that we have no idea what it was for. So.....yeah. Avoid Mad Dog Remodeling out of Canton, Tx. They aren't worth the hassle.)

The "OH, you'll be surprised at how fast we get the job done! 3 days, max!" job is now in it's 2nd week; thing is, it WOULD be done if anyone would a) actually SHOW UP to work and b) show up before 2 PM when they DO decide to show up. The progress that's been made has been fast, considering that it's been 1 guy, 5 hours per day, 4 days. But....that's NOT what we were told. (The "helper" - who I call #5, because it's the 5th guy that Mike brought out, and I can't remember all the names of these strangers - is basically just a go-fer. He did take down the old deck....but that job wasn't the primary.)

The original plan was that I'd be moved INTO my new room by now. I wanted everything nice and neat in the house for Passover - that's not going to happen now, even if someone DOES show up to finish the job; we still have to stain the floor, and that takes 3 days to fully cure. (AFTER you clean and de-grease the floor....so, we're looking at about 4 days before I can actually USE the room.)

Regular readers, I'm sorry about the rant. I'm just....fed up and frustrated and ticked off. I KNOW that contractors never meet deadlines...but this is just over-the-top. Think I'll go amuse myself by researching attorneys.......

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The plot thickens....

You simply can't make this shit up, guys! If I tried to shop this in book form, no publisher would take it, because it's just too over the top, you know?

So. I called SG at 10-ish. He was in a bad mood - the network is down, and customer support wasn't being supportive. I waited..then at 10:30-ish I called Mike and left him a message. I was nice - NOT cussing, no swearing, no thinly-veiled legal threats; I simply said that I wanted to know if anyone was going to show up again, since we hadn't heard from anybody since Friday, and I had wanted to move into my room THIS week, and now it looked like THAT wasn't going to happen, nor was the pool, since NO ONE was keeping us informed, and would he please call either me or SG.

SG called at 11:30 - he had missed a call from Mike at 9. (SG is in meetings every day from 9-10, so that doesn't surprise me.) Mike claims he was in Parkland Hospital over the weekend for a "breakdown". And was surprised that no one had shown up, and he'd take care of it.

Um. Yeah. I still want to know why NO ONE showed up yesterday. Saturday and Sunday, OK, I can accept that - it's the weekend, after all. But Monday? Nope - not buying the excuse. SOMEONE should have shown up - it's not like Mike's here, anyway.

So. It's now 12. Any takers on if someone shows up at 2 today? (Since 2 seems to be "our" time slot) Anybody?

This has turned into a circus of the first degree. And I'm tired of it - I just want the work DONE. Is that too much to ask?

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Oh my Dear Lord -

A tornado in Forney made a direct hit on one of the Elementary schools. It's right there behind the Wal*Mart we frequent......I HOPE they hadn't just released the kids - I HOPE they held them and had them in a safe room - the roof was torn completely off, and the storm chaser had to stop and go render aid.

So far, everything's been North of us...I pray that continues. These storms are NASTY.

Pray. Just - Pray.

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Thunderboomers have almost passed us. We got hit with jelly-belly-sized hail, and heavy, heavy rain. (1/2" in 5 minutes heavy).

We ran out and milked at 4:20 - I had gone outside, and the sky was blue-ish black, and there WAS rotation. Slow, and not cohesive, but still - Rotation. Temp dropped 20* in 10 minutes. BAD weather.......

I'm pretty sure all of DFW will be declared a disaster area- it's bad. Lancaster has already declared; so has Arlington. I'm pretty sure Forney will - it's bad.

Thank God we were spared!

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