April 4th, 2012

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We survived....

Thank GOD for that! *12* tornadoes tore thru the DFW area yesterday - yes, 12. We were lucky - we got hail and heavy rain, but no twisters. Some rotation, but - lucky.

We lost power at 7 - AFTER the storms had rolled thru. It was off about 1 hour - so not a big deal.

Anna says we made Extinction protocol - I'm not sure if I should be geeked or horrified. :weak laugh:

We WERE lucky in that - so far! - there have been no fatalities. If you look at the damage, you'll see God's Hand in it - these storms were NASTY.

:deep breath:

Passover: Anna, I think I may have an idea on the 7 days of leaven: In Lev. 8, it's talking about consecrating Aaron and his sons - and they have to spend 7 days in the Tabernacle, eating unleavened bread and meat from the sacrifices. I wonder if that has *anything* to do with the 7 days of the Feast? (Also...the moon won't be full for another 2 days, according to my widget. I couldn't check the moon myself last night - too many clouds - but I'm going to try and observe it tonight. And Venus, of course. :grin: No arguments from me on the dates, just wanted to toss that out there. Without my physically double-checking, I can't say the widget is correct.)

Math: Homeschool Buyer's Co-op is offering a FREE May - August subscription to Your Teacher.com. It's normally $159, so this is a great deal. If you sign up for it, it'll show the charge - but they don't ask for any billing info. You can't access it until May - but still, it's a good trial. It's middle and high school math - yes, I signed up for it. ANYTHING to help Herself (should we be here in May, that is :wink:)

Nothing else to say. I'm still waiting to see if anyone shows up to work today, but....that's about all that's going on. We're going outside in a bit to clean up; we had high winds and they tossed a few things around. We had brought the seedlings inside, so they survived.

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Same song, 5th verse. SG called today about 11, saying that Mike had called, and we were not to expect anyone for the next few days.

I, being a bit snarky and pissed, asked "Oh? Are they going to help with tornado relief?". SG thought I was serious "Oh...no, I don't think so. Mike's going to call me tonight to discuss things."

What, exactly IS there to discuss? Let me lay out the facts, here:

2/26/12 - Mike came out (2 hours LATE) to give us a quote. He quoted the labor on-site; said he'd send us a quote from Home Depot for supplies.

2/27/12 - Home Depot emailed the price quote.

3/11/12 - I wrote a check to Mike to pay for the labor IN FULL. He cashed it a few hours later. The agreement: Remove garage door, and replace it with a wall with 2 windows and a set of French Doors. Remove drywall from 2 existing exterior walls, insulate them, and re-drywall them. Put in 3 new plugs. Put in ceiling registers and run ducts from existing in attic.

3/13/12 - I went to Home Depot and paid IN FULL for all the supplies. Delivery set up for 3/19.

3/18/12 - Mike came out with Person #2; we agreed to postpone delivery to 3/22 due to possible bad weather.

3/19/12 - Wrote Mike a check to pay IN FULL for the removal of our old above ground pool, the install of the new above ground pool, and a new pool deck for same. He cashed it a few hours later.

3/21/12 - Mike demanded a check for another $375 for something he "forgot to order" in re: the siding. Couldn't get ahold of SG; wrote check. Did NOT get receipt. Some dude "from Mike" showed up at 9; left at 9:15. Said that since everything had been delayed, no one was going to work until tomorrow. Mike showed up at 11, with guy #3 - his "new business partner"

3/22/12 - 9 AM, person #4 shows up, claims Mike sent him. He chats a bit, claims the job WILL BE FINISHED by Monday. Only, it won't, because we won't be home to let them in. Decides no big deal, they'll take the pool down on Monday, instead. He left at 10:15. Said he'd be back at 11, when the supplies were to be delivered. Home Depot delivered everything (at 2) except the siding, which was a special order. No big deal - they can do the inside work while waiting for the siding. Was told by Mike that the job would take 3 days "You'll be surprised at how fast we'll get the job done!"

3/23/12 - Skeeter and #5 show up at 10. Leave at 11 for "45 minutes"; get back at 3:45. Garage door was removed, wall (poorly) framed, and 1/2 of 1 wall had the drywall removed. I offered dinner to them, which was accepted.

3/25/12 - Mike, Skeeter, and #5 show up at 12:30. Swear wall will be completed today. Also swear EVERYTHING will be completed by Friday, 3/30/12. Mike concurred; the room will be complete by Friday.

3/28/12 - Skeeter and #5 show up at 2. Left at 8. All 3 walls have been insulated and drywalled. Fixed the door (it had been un-level). Was told that they would texture the walls tomorrow, and I could paint on Friday.

3/29/12 - Skeeter and #5 show up at 2. #5 broke down pool deck, and put it on trailer to be removed. Walls were mudded, but not textured. Swore they would be here "early" and that job WOULD BE COMPLETED tomorrow. I offered dinner again, and again it was accepted.

3/30/12 - Skeeter and #5 show up at 2. Mike shows up at 3-ish with the siding. He, SG, Skeeter and #5 stand around discussing the siding - somehow the wrong "j" channel had been ordered. Decide that I can live with white "j" channel (which is in stock), so Mike leaves with the wrong stuff. Skeeter and #5 leave at 6; walls have been textured.

3/31/12 - Home Depot calls to get my card # so that they can refund the purchase price; tell me that Mike needs to go to Mesquite HD, pick up the correct stuff, and have HD call *me* so I can pay for it over the phone. Works for me. HD doesn't call. I get 1 wall painted before I run out of paint.

4/1/12 - SG and I go to HD to pick up more paint; talk to the lady that did the refund. Mike will need to go to Mesquite on Monday, as their Pro-Desk is closed on Sunday. I should expect a call from them then. I finish 3 walls before running out of paint again - 1 wall to go.

3/30/12 is the LAST TIME we've seen anybody. They're not done; they still have to put in the registers and run the ductwork, and install the new attic access. My "done in a week" job...has drug on and on. They haven't even STARTED the pool install, or the deck...and they're NOT DONE with my room.

And yet, Mike wants to "discuss" this with us?

I understand that he is "sick". I get that....but it's not like HE'S been here every day, so what's the hold-up? It's not like he was here supervising the entire job - Skeeter was doing a pretty decent job all by himself. :sigh:

I am not looking forward to this phone call tonight.....IF it even happens. Going by the track record, I don't really *expect* a phone call. We'll see.....

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