April 6th, 2012

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1. The new Official Tornado Count for Tuesday from the National Weather Service: 14. 3 counties have been declared Disaster Areas.

2. No phone call last night, and, of course, no one has shown up since LAST Friday. Pissed isn't exactly the correct word to fit my mood, but it's close. Next step - quotes to finish out the room, then find an attorney. :sigh:

3. We watched NOVA's "The Elements" yesterday 2x. Very good, very brief introduction to the Periodic Table. The app is free and kinda fun - you can "build" atoms, but only the ones on the table (I think - we haven't played with it much). Both kids want a Periodic Table table now.....but the cost of the elements! :boggle: Herself wants to put the Periodic Table on our work table in the studio....I dunno. I gotta think about this.

4. It's OPENING DAY at the Ballpark. Go Rangers!!!!! :lol:

5. Passover is tonight. I was going to do a roast, but BOTH roasts - that were in the freezer last week - are MIA. So, Plan B - steak. I'll broil them - we're out of charcoal - and we're back on track.

6. There is no 6.

7. Need to get started - lots to do today. See ya later!

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Same Song....

55th verse.

At 1:30, SG called me. Mike had called him (FINALLY!) and said that they would be out ON MONDAY to FINISH both jobs. He's going to call us on Sunday to discuss, and they *won't leave* until the jobs are done.

Go ahead. Ask me. I know you wanna. I've already put my bets out - NO call on Sunday, and NO show on Monday.

Doesn't matter that I have to go to the office Monday - SG is taking Monday off. He'll be home. He can deal with the No Show that I have predicted. :bangs head:

So. We'll see.

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For Ali (and other science geeks):

Links for you! :lol:

Theo Gray's Periodic Table table

Element Collection from Britain

Element Samples from Boston

Really good, kid-friendly printable Periodic Tables

Theo Gray's book site - we have a copy; it's worth every penny! I just nabbed a copy of his "Elements Vault" on eBay - it's got some samples of the elements, but not many of them.

I'm sure you get the picture - element sets are pricey! I'd LOVE to have one...but don't think that's going to happen any time soon. It'd be cool, though.....:lol:

If you missed the NOVA special, you can watch it for free online. It's 2 hours, though - so plan to have a block of time set aside for it. Then go and play with the games they have. :lol: Himself spent another hour today "building" atoms - so I'd say the app is a hit! (And free!)

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