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April 10th, 2012


Mission accomplished - 12:00 pm
I went out today in search of the elusive Cadbury Cream Egg. Had a successful hunt - after a long, weary period of stalking, lying in wait, and setting snares, I managed to bag 24 of the delicious chocolates. These, plus the 48 I scored online last night, have ensured that I will NOT run out of Cadbury Eggs before next Easter. :whew: and :lol: (Addiction is a horrible thing, isn't it? Especially when your addiction is an annual treat. :lol:) (I freeze them. They stay fresh that way, and they are buried in the big freezer so that the children can't get to them easily. They're MINE. :lol:)

I also managed to introduce my children to the decadence that is Wendy's fries dipped in Chocolate Frosty. :mmmmmmm: Why yes, that WAS our lunch. Pesach-approved; leaven free and yummy. :lol:

I need to spend the next few hours lesson planning our next term. I'd rather put in the time now, all at once, and be ready to roll next week. It makes school easier if it's all laid out in advance. I try to do at least 2 months at a time - except for Math. Everything else is easy to schedule, but with Math I never know where we'll be.

Oh! DVDs - we spent yesterday afternoon getting the new shelves up and all the DVDs rearranged. It's a LOT nicer, now - all the DVDs are neatly arranged; there aren't any piled up at the front of the shelves that you can't read. All the courses from The Teaching Company are on a shelf, with another shelf devoted to Shakespeare, and a third to Jane Austen/other historical documentaries. The other unit has all of our serieses on it - Star Wars (1.5 shelves....we, um....like Star Wars around here), Star Trek, Stargate, Red Dwarf, etc. SG has already decided to build us a nicer unit later (after he finishes my pantry, his beer/cheesemaking pantry, the cabinets to go on top of both, my yarn containment unit, and his router table....he's got a few things on his plate. :lol:), but until then, these work - and look - fine.

Better run - I got some planning to do!

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