April 13th, 2012

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I have a studio!

Well, *almost*. The siding is DONE (it's......1 side isn't level, and it's obvious because of the white j-channel, but you know what? I am prepared to live with it, because of all the crap getting to this point); the plugs have all been put in (but not wired yet) and the attic access has been installed (only *I* can't open it, because...I don't know if it's not level, or what. SG can open it, so *I do not care*.)

Still needing completion: wiring. I'd like the plugs and light switch to actually, you know, *work*. The ducts need to be added, and the registers installed in the ceiling. The doors.....still aren't perfectly light-tight at the bottom (ie, you can see a sliver of daylight at the bottom, where the 2 doors meet).....but you can't hear anything outside when they are closed, so....(Skeeter has his boombox BOOMING while he works. I think it's to hide the clangs and crashes of stuff falling on the floor.)

And of course, the pool hasn't even been mentioned. I tried to pin Mike down 2x yesterday (Yes, He was THERE all day! Doing nothing, but hey - he was there!) - both times I asked him "So, when do you think you'll start on the pool? I can't do my floors with these boxes in here...." and both times I got "We have to finish the room First." No shit, Sherlock - I just want a ball-park date range, you know?

After Mike left, I pinned Skeeter down. He said "Huh. He hasn't said anything to us about it, but I'll move the boxes to your tractor shed for you tomorrow."

Right. Um...the shed is OPEN on 4 sides. The boxes will get RUINED the first good rain we have (Sunday. Supposed to get BIG thunderboomers back in on Sunday, and the forecasters are starting to mutter things like "Super Cell" and "possible violent weather" and....very quietly...."maybe a repeat of last Tuesday". :shudder:).....SG is cool with it, because if the pool gets damaged, he'll go for Mike's throat. :sigh:

I also found out something interesting. See, I go out and yak with the guys when they're not busy. (I am sneaky. I go out 3 or 4 times a day to check on my pregnant goats, or Dusty (who is, after all, an Old Man), and while out we get to chatting. :snicker:) Yesterday, Skeeter dropped the little fact that last week (Monday and Tuesday) they were "hanging drywall. :roll eyes: You don't HANG DRYWALL when it's raining outside - yeah, you're inside, but..it's not smart." And he also mentioned 2 or 3 times that he's "told him that we need to do 1 job at a time. Working more than that is just...stupid, 'cause we don't get anything *done*."

Busted. :lol: Apparently, other customers have been complaining, too.

I need to start hinting heavily about our pool...because I really don't want to wait until SUMMER for them to start on it. I know - I'll turn Herself loose on them. She's like a dog with a bone - and she won't drop it. :evil grin:

They're supposed to be back at "straight up 9 AM". We'll see.....any bets??

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I got a nice complement yesterday from my husband...

I got a new catalogue from The Teaching Company yesterday, and last night I was yammering on about it to SG while he helped me fix dinner. (Baked potatoes. Mmmmm....he did the turkey bacon. It was *yummy*!)

Anyway. I was reading him the course titles, and some of them I was reading the lecture titles as well. He stopped me, and said "I wish we could find some on England or Scotland." "Oh! They have quite a few - here...." and I started listing those off. And marking the ones that he thought sounded good (not to buy direct - most of them are in the $400 range, which is WAY out of our budget), and happily telling him what they covered, what they needed to cover, and oh! They also have THIS, and THIS, and - hey, they have 1 that covers WWI and another that covers WWII, and wouldn't THOSE be cool, and and and...

He stopped me again, looked at me, and said "You know, your kids sure are lucky. They have a mom that actually LIKES spending time and money to make sure they get a fantastic education. I mean...how many *other* kids' parents are actually excited to look at *lecture* DVDs?" (He also was happy that I spend time hunting bargains. Why not? Spend a few hours on eBay scoring bargains, and I can get MORE education for the same price as 1 new DVD set. Works for me!)

I started laughing. See, I mentioned this on my LJ the other day! "Oh!" I told him "It's just....I'm getting the education *I* always wanted but couldn't afford, and I am going to drag the kids along with me!"

SG is happy with me, because I told him that I'd be happy to schedule the DVDs for in the evening, after he gets home. He really wants to learn some of this stuff, too, but has to work. *I* don't really want to watch them 2x in 1 day, so.....we'll watch them during/after dinner. We can "give up" 30 minutes an evening to educate ourselves.

Yesterday, we watched the 1st lecture of Neil DeGrasse Tyson's "My Favorite Universe". I LOVE him - he's the guy on NOVA Science Now; he's funny and well-spoken, and very, very, very passionate about Astrophysics and Astronomy - and these lectures are well done. He gets SO excited, and the kids pick up on that. (You can find this set on eBay for under $20; 12 30-minute lectures. I HIGHLY recommend it!) We won't watch one tonight - it's the Sabbath - but we'll try to watch 1 every evening. Then we'll start on another series - probably Meteorology. If there's a series that SG doesn't want to watch, we'll do that during the day. Win/win (well, except the kids roll their eyes when I pop one in the PS3...ah, well. In public school they'd have to do a lot of things they didn't want to do, so they can live with my DVD fix. :lol:)

I'm on the hunt for "Understanding Great Art", "Understanding Great Music" (I think that's the name), "Basic Math", "American History" (from Native Americans to the 49'ers....I NEED that one!)...and a BUNCH of English History ones. We have an extensive DVD collection now...*I* would like to have more educational ones than mindless, if at all possible. I have my work cut out for me....

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I have a STUDIO!

For real, y'all! There's a few things that need addressing...like the fact that the switch by the door (which is crooked, but I can live with that!) only works if the one by the house is on. Or that they removed the plug in the ceiling (where the opener was) and left the hole (there's 3.75 sheets of drywall in there...they COULD have patched it! Oh, well...). The switch will be brought up to Mike. The rest - I honestly do not care. We can patch the hole.....I am just SO GLAD they are DONE.

And.....Skeeter and Mike got into it. Mike got here a little before 9. No Skeeter. Mike and I moved the pool boxes down to the tractor shed (we used the tractor - he kept telling me he could get it, but I figured he was "just out of the hospital" (I don't really believe it, but whatever) and didn't need the strain of trying to haul all 900 pounds down there alone) - no Skeeter. I swept the studio out (I gotta get used to calling it that - it is no longer a garage. :happy dance:)

Mike asked casually if I had any horses for sale. As a matter of fact, I do - Finn. I love him, but he and I do NOT get along. He's a good horse - gentle, nicely built - but he doesn't have his sire's personality, and he's a bit too "pushy" for me. NOT aggressive, just...not as laid-back and "whatever" as Dusty is. Mike and I went to the paddock, and both boys came running up. Finn was on his best behavior, and Mike seemed impressed. Even more so when I told him I wanted $1K, but make me an offer - he's got papers, he's gentle, and I'm slowly working on getting him broke. He offered $750..of course, I haven't SEEN the $$$ yet, so it's not a done deal, but....maybe. Mike claims he's got a horse-training friend...I don't CARE, I don't need 7 horses lounging around. :lol: I ask about the pool; it'll get done next week - depends on the weather. Right.

At 10:30, Mike hauls off to go find Skeeter. He tells me he's sorry, but Skeeter won't be working for him ever again. (Right). He's got other guys that'll be happy to work (Right), and he's going to tell Skeeter so when he finds him. OK, whatever. I wait until he's gone, then I load up the kids and run to the Post Office, and we grab a quick, leaven-free lunch.

At 12, I hear noises - Skeeter and #5 are in the garage, grumpily working. Mike is...supervising?or something. The atmosphere was VERY tense, so I didn't say much - except hi.

Mike leaves about....oh, 1:15, maybe. I go out, brush Dusty and Finn, then head back in. Skeeter is alone, so I tell him that it wasn't ME that made Mike go get him - I was FINE with them not showing up until 2. (And I was - and am. I don't CARE, as long as the job gets done, and I have an idea that they are coming. It's when no one shows up that I have a problem.) He thanked me, and the atmosphere got a lot calmer.

Until 3:45. They're done; I go out, thank them, and find out about the screwy light switch. I hit Mike up about the pool again...he says plan on Monday, but watch the weather. OKey DOkey.... I grab a broom....and Mike goes outside and tears into Skeeter. BIG time...I mean, I cuss like a sailor, and this was....well, you don't talk like that when a customer is Right There. I shut the door and went into the house - I didn't want to get involved. Call SG - he's almost home. Brief him on the situation - he says OK, he'll handle it.

They leave at 4. SG passes Mike, but no Skeeter. He calls me.....and I see Skeeter's truck coming back down the road. He stops at the gate (I was checking the mailbox)....seems that Mike hasn't paid him since the 2nd day they came out. And they don't think that the pool will get done. And if he doesn't pay him (Skeeter) tomorrow, he might end up in the hospital again. I take it calmly...and inform Skeeter that I'm not worried; I have 2 attorney friends (true), I "work" for an attorney (not really...but the attorney on retainer at work has offered us work, so.....almost true), and I have a clan-cousin who is the K. County DA (very true. :heh: He's a really nice guy.) Skeeter and #5 kinda blinked at that.....but I wanted to be sure THAT bit of news got back to Mike. Just in case. :nods: (And it will....because I'm pretty sure Skeeter's the type to toss stuff like that along.)

So. My studio needs the floor done, the last wall painted, the ceiling painted, and trim put up. I'm not worried about the trim - that can be done around my stuff - and the rest will (hopefully) be done this weekend. The current plan is to move my fiber stuff into the studio next week.....:fingers crossed: SG is working on my pantry right now - that doesn't have to go in Right Now, although it would be nice. The next project is the pantry for the beer- and cheese-making stuff. I can move that into the shop for now.....to clear up space. :lol: I'm also planning on redoing the work-table top; it's laminate, so I'll give it a faux-finish and douse it in the epoxy bar-top stuff. I can't wait!

Gotta check dinner - I have a souffle in the oven. Shabbat Shalom!

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