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April 14th, 2012


I don't normally post on Saturday... 06:53 pm
but this is weird, and I wanted to document it.

We were in and out all morning (new hardware store opened near us; we also bought some plants for boxes under my studio windows); after the Rangers game SG and I went to pick up Herself's prescription. It was about...oh, 3:30 or so. Anyway...

We had just left our driveway, and made it maybe half-way down the street, when MIKE drives up, with #6 ("Jessie"). We stop, back up, and ask him (nicely!) what he's doing. "Oh" he says. "I wanted to show Jessie the job we did."

SG asked him "You mean the pool?" (because...well, we want to get that done. :lol:) and Mike hemmed and hawed a bit. We backed back to the house, and let them poke around the studio and pool site....

But.....there was NO phone call. What would he have done if we had been totally gone? The gate was shut, but we didn't lock the french doors - the kids were home (WITH the dogs; we were just running up to the Pharmacy)...and I don't like the thought that Mike considered it OK to just drop by.

I think they're planning on doing the pool and deck Monday. Weather permitting. We'll see....meanwhile, I need to get into the habit of not only locking the studio, but locking the deadbolt into the house, too. :grumble:

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