April 15th, 2012

silly: Llama llama duck


So. Tired. But! 75% of the studio floor has been stained! The color is "Tuscan Gold"...looks like...well, baby poo in the can. It's drying to a darker, bronze-y color. Thankfully. (The swatch was TOTALLY different - it looked like soft, un-glazed terra-cotta tiles; that slightly red but mostly golden clay color.)

The plan is to start moving in tomorrow. I have to leave room to pull the appliances out so we can stain under them, but - the majority of the floor is DONE.

And it was a *bugger*. Skeeter and #5 didn't clean up after themselves too well; there was dried mud and caulk all OVER the floor, and it wouldn't come up when we scrubbed. I had to get down on my hands and knees with my little multi-tool and sand it all up......my knees are aching now.

But the floor looks nice. :nods:

Oh - if you think staining concrete is a good way to go.....it's....not. Not really. You need to spray the stuff on; we have a pneumatic paint gun, but the bottle is tiny. So, we used a garden sprayer....which wasn't a good idea. I ended up using a paint roller to smooth it out while SG did the spraying. It looks nice - the roller added a hint of texture - but it was a bugger to do. Next time, I'll budget enough for tile! :lol:

We also discovered a hole in the wall....a mouse ran in while we were cleaning the floor. :sigh: 1 more thing to add to the punch list for Mike. :grumble:

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