April 22nd, 2012

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Look what we have!

Zoe presented us with twins yesterday at 10:30 AM - a boy (dark ears) and girl (light ears). They were..maybe 45 minutes old here. All 3 are doing fine - Zoe gave me almost a quart of colostrum yesterday - which is pretty good for a first freshener!

1 down, 4 to go....and they're all due NOW. :bounce: and :tired: :lol:

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me: portrait

Still waiting...

the other 4 does are ignoring me. 2 of them decided to act weird (well, weirder than normal) today, just to psych me out. :lol:

Kids are doing well. The buckling tried to hop today...but hasn't quite gotten his legs under him yet. Doeling is just too cute for words...and big.

Rosa has something odd going on with half her udder - it started swelling up a few days ago. She's NOT bred.....but he udder was getting huge. So, tonight we decided to milk it out - it was gross. Pale creamy, foamy, hot liquid. :ick: Had to use the machine on her.....it was NOT fun. She seems OK....I *hope* she got kicked or something - I really don't want to try and fight mastitis (and I don't know how she'd have gotten it...)

Weaving: on placemat #4. I'd be done if I sat down and banged them out, but I am trying to make it last. I started winding the next warp - I figure, since the studio doors are how most people will be entering the house, I'd better keep the loom warped. Next project is a set of dishtowels in green and white color-and-weave (should look like stars, if it works :lol:), then I have another set of placemats planned (SG saw a photo of some, and decided we NEEDED them. Then he ordered the yarn for them...I can't argue with free yarn! :lol:), THEN another set of dishtowels, THEN fabric to cover the "new" kitchen chairs. That should take me to, oh, July. Maybe. IF I wind all them off so that they're ready to put on the loom as I finish the previous project. Yes, I'm overloading on weaving projects. I've missed it so!

Our goat breeder friends came by yesterday to see their "grand-kids" - she brought Herself a GORGEOUS Lincoln Longwool fleece. 2010 clip (in PRISTINE condition - the lock structure is just...well, it's gorgeous.) - and simply drool-worthy. LOVE it - we need to scour it, then dye it (pity..it's gorgeous as-is, but Herself wants "firey" colors. I can do that!) then *I* get to spin it up for her to crochet a jacket. It's a long-term project, which is fine - I get all the fun of playing with the wool, but *I* don't have to do the work to convert it from yarn to clothing. :nods:

Gotta do another barn-check, and see if the twins need topping off before bedtime. Tomorrow is an office day - catch ya on the flip side!

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