April 25th, 2012

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And Panic sets in....

I was winding my warp yesterday afternoon, listening to the kids as they played the Wii. I had wound off 3 of the 4 sections (I decided to wind them in 100-end sections, to cut down on both counting and tangling), and had started on the 4th, when I decided to actually *look* at my yarn.

I have plenty of green left - about half a cone. The white...well......I *need* 56 ends of white. That's 224 yards...and I didn't think I had enough left. :panic: :runs in circles:

I spent most of yesterday afternoon/evening looking for yarn - I KNEW I had another cone of 8/2 cotton in white, but..it was no where to be found. I ended up online, checking the hours of the "local" weaving store...and checking prices at online venues. (But online won't work! I NEED IT NOW!!!!! :insert whine:)

Bedtime came. I went into the bedroom, mentally mapping out today. See, today is grocery day. The weaving store is about 1 hour away; we have 4 goats ready to pop. I didn't WANT to be away that long (grocery day takes us 3 hours, usually - because I treat the kids to lunch out, too, and they always request Chick-fil-A. The closest is about 30 minutes away...so, 1 hour drive time, plus shopping (1 hour minimum) plus lunch = about 3 hours, because lunch is a production.)....adding a trip to the weaving store would add at least another hour to that. :sigh:

BUT! Yah is good - on the floor of the bedroom, in front of the bookcase, was my missing cone of yarn!!!! (No, I don't know why I didn't see it before. Yes, I know why it was in there - Kenzie had taken it outside months ago, and I put it in there to show SG what a bad dog she was. No, I don't know why it never made it back into the yarn storage unit.)

It's a little dirty, but it'll wash out.

And, in the light of day, I can see that I should have *just* enough on the current cone to finish winding the warp.....that way, any differences in white won't be as noticeable - the warp will be all the same, as will the weft.

And now I'm off to price check, so I can replenish the 8/2 stash. There are a LOT more dishtowels in the near future (I need to be ready for Giftmas, should we be here. Might as well knock them out NOW, yes?), and I need to price 5/2 pearle cotton, too - for the chair cushions. Might as well order it all at once - most companies offer discounts when you order a certain amount...and this'll equal most of their requirements. :nods:

Off to do a barn check - again. :lol: (Oh - the lady at Wal-Mart wasn't sure what to think; here I am, 40-something with 2 teen-looking kids, buying 12 baby bottles, diaper wipes, and more nipples, and telling the kids we needed to hurry home to "feed the twins". I'm not sure Himself's question "Does anyone need a goat?" helped much....:lol:)

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2 down....

3 to go! Risky just presented us with girl #2 - a singleton! Which is funny, because she only gave J. Boys. :lol:

Gonna grab a bite, then try to get her (Trinity - girl #1 is Trillian.....we have a sci-fi thing going on) to take the bottle.

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