April 29th, 2012

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Weekend Update

This weekend was......good. Let's recap:

Saturday, I finished the placemats, and God is good- I got *6* out of the warp! The last 1" was...well, not fun, but - *6*!!!!! No pics, because as soon as they came out of the wash, I slapped them on the table, and used them. :lol: The new dishtowel warp is on the lease sticks - the plan was to sley it today, but...other things came up.

Today, we did yard work in the morning. I had to weedwhack - the front door was hidden by waist-high weeds. :blush: It's now nice - it no longer looks like vagrants live here. :lol: We also started laying a "porch" of stepping stones in front of my studio door - it looks nice. Since I uncovered a lot of sheep yard art, I moved them around to the studio - photos will come, later. Because...

Dad called around 12, and wanted to come out. Great! No problem! We cleaned up and grabbed lunch, and made it back in time to greet him at the gate with the 3 babies (we were letting them get some fresh air). Got him all settled, and Himself ran in - "Mom, Inara looks like she's pushing!"

Yup. Twins! Little girl was first, and trying to come head first - I had to fish out her forelegs. Got her dried off, just in time for Big boy to slide out.

Here's the girl (right now, looks like she's Penny):

And here's Captain Hammer:

Yes, we're Dr. Horrible fans here. :lol:

Penny is a keeper, for sure - LOOK at those spots! I counted 5 colors on her - and she's got some moon spotting! Hammer......I want to sell, because I'm sure he'd go fast, but SG wants to keep him to breed Zoe and Risky to next year (to reinforce the spots). He's got some lovely moon spots going on...and he's BIG. He's as big as Neo - and Neo is 8 days old!

Both are doing well - as is Inara. The current count is 2 boys, 3 girls - so not to bad. Neo will be sold once we can get the papers in order (we still don't have Zoe's - J. has been busy. I get it - we still haven't registered Sasha or Hidalgo (Trouble) yet (last year's Alpines) - I need to do that. Soon. :lol:

We're talking...Rosa's gonna be culled, I think - SG tried to empty her udder, got concerned, and looked up Mastitis. (Finally!) He's like me - doesn't want that in our herd - so......to the vet we go, but I suspect we'll be putting her down. I won't sell that problem on. Trouble...will probably be culled, leaving us Goliad, Dolce, and Sasha as Alpines - and SG is almost but not quite on the "sell the Alpines" fence. The Cashmeres will be kept, but not bred for a few years - we don't NEED any more goats! I'm going to try to milk Annie and Mocha thru next year, and Zoe if she'll do it. That way we'll still have milk without having to breed 3 does. Dolce will be bred this fall, as will Inara, Risky and Zoe. That'll give us PLENTY of milk next year. Zorra...will probably be culled as will her daughter (they're not purebred, so....we really don't need them. I hate that, but we gotta be practical about this. :sigh:)

Gotta go check the babies!

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