April 30th, 2012

Firefly: Josh Whedon

Milk is good for the skin, right?

Because I am getting 4 milk baths a day right now. :lol: Penny (which....is probably NOT going to be her name; it doesn't fit) can't figure out the whole bottle thing - her brother HAS, and guzzles as fast as Zoe's twins. He's a BIG boy, though, so it doesn't surprise me.

Annie and Mocha look uncomfortable, but no signs of impending labor - yet.

I am headed to the loom - I have a warp the thread! Dishtowels, here I come! (I love weaving dishtowels - they're small enough to not bore me, you can change the treadling order to get different patterns (so long warps don't get monotonous), and EVERYBODY needs good dishtowels!

Last week I ordered some back issues of "Weaver's Craft"....got them Saturday. I have devoured them (they're not that long, but FULL of info!), and have my next....oh, bazillion projects mapped out. :lol: Until something shiny comes up, that is. :rofl:

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