May 2nd, 2012

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It's Wednesday!

1. Don't ask. Of COURSE no one has shown up yet...but Mike's VM is NOT full anymore. So I left a message. From SG's phone.....I called back from the home phone, and it went directly TO he was on the phone (or listening to my message....we'll see.)

2. Luted Annie and Mocha a few minutes ago. I don't like the thought of inducing, but according to the last possible breeding date, they are both 3 days "late". Plus, this weekend is Scottish Fest....and I kinda want to be here when/if they kid (because it IS possible that neither one is bred - we didn't pull blood this year, due to lack of money. And when we HAD the money, I couldn't get any blood in the vial - all over me, the barn, the goat, the syringe, yes; but not IN the vial. :lol: and :sigh: I think I will pay the vet from now on - it's worth it, to know for sure that they are/are not bred.)

3. Need to start a formal Geography course. Neither kid knew where Omaha was....SG was appalled. I wasn't - if they've never HEARD of a place, how could they know where it was? SG has demanded they learn, and when we start our new year (June), I'll add it in.

4. My pantry is installed, but still needs a door. SG didn't think it was big enough - but I have gotten most of the cans in, and have room for the other 2 baskets. I KNEW it was big enough.....:lol:

5. The kids have started discussing our Torah readings every day - this is good! We're in Lev., which isn't the "easiest" book, so I'm thrilled they are asking for clarification. I can't wait for TorahClass to finally release Leviticus - of course, we still haven't started Genesis yet...:rolls eyes:

6. They are all outside, re-setting the stones in front of the studio. All the planters are filled, and it looks lovely out there. :hugs: I just need to get the inside squared away....I'm working on it. Little by little.

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me: portrait

You Guys will NOT believe this!!!

So. I called Mike back from the home phone (which we've never used before) and he picked up on the 2nd ring. You will NOT believe the story he told me!

He was surprised it was me. He then proceeded to tell me that (sit down, this is good!) his phone had been stolen :"You know how, when you go into the store you have your phone and your keys in your hand? Yeah. I was coming out, and they pushed past me and were gone with it! I had like - I just got my phone back! - and I had like 190 messages! And it's been a real mess! And I know I was supposed to be out there Tuesday or Wednesday (ummm...TODAY is Wednesday. Just sayin'!) and I'm trying to get organized - well, I am organized, I'm trying to get the guys together so they can come fix it."

I made the appropriate noises: "Oh, no!" "Wow!" and "Yeah, I bet!"...then said "Well, you SAID you'd be out yesterday or today, and SG took OFF WORK so he could be here to discuss the things with you" "-He's Home!???? Oh....." "Yes. He's home. And we need to get this done - and oh, by the way, our daughter's birthday is coming up, and she ALWAYS has a swim party, and with her Asperger's you HAVE to keep the routines or else things are bad." :crickets chirping: "Oh. Yes Ma'am - and I want to get this done! Let me....let me call you back later, OK? I need - I'll call you back!"

:snicker: and :sigh:

Let's see......ignoring the whole "stolen phone" thing - because it's possible, not probable, but possible - why were the guys not already set up? HE's the one that set Tuesday or Wednesday as the days, not us, so.....wouldn't you have already got the guys lined up? I already know the customer is pretty pissed.....seems like you wouldn't want to piss 'em off even more. And, umm....doesn't he have access to any other phone? I mean...we have a landline. And if he doesn't, why can't he just DRIVE to one of their houses? He certainly did that a lot with makes no sense at all.

I didn't get a chance to tell him that if I get heat stroke from being in my studio with no A/C I'm going to send HIM the hospital bill.......but this is getting rather ridiculous. Really....especially the whole phone thing - he seriously expects me to believe that?????? I'm blonde, but not a dumb one!

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