May 7th, 2012

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Back home!

Work ran over - as usual - because FA has added another billing area...only he didn't give us the info until 12:00. :bangs head: I didn't get out until 1:30....:sigh:

Chell has sorta-kinda figured out how to hop sideways. She keeps 1 hoof on the ground, but she's TRYING! Her half-sister (Annie's daughter) can run, hop sideways, and hop yeah, Chell's a bit delayed, but I don't care - she's alive.

We'll let her play with the others tonight - she doesn't do much; Annie's daughter (I REALLY need to get naming!) tried to play with her, but she didn't know what to do.

Record-keeping: Disbudded Trillian, Neo, Trinity, and Hammer last night, and gave them their first round of CDT. We'll do Padme (patches) and unnamed (Frosted one) this weekend....and maybe Chell. I want to get the vet to check her head, first, to make sure we're not going to fry what brain she has.

Off to look up some goat software.....I need to get on top of my record-keeping there, so I can keep my preventative care up to date. I think...some of the problems we had could have been caused by a copper deficiency...I didn't bolus last year. I should have..but didn't get to it. I need something so I can SEE what's due, when...and I'd rather not reinvent the wheel if I can find something already set up.

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