May 10th, 2012

silly: Llama llama duck

Today I am thankful for...

1. A happy, healthy baby goat. Chell is hopping now, and eating well, and playing with her cousins. Praise God!!!

2. Not having to re-invent the wheel. After last week, I realized that my record-keeping sucks. I went back to see what *I* did that may have caused this...and I don't think I Bo-Se'd before breeding (helps them have multiples, which makes for smaller babies) OR copper'd. :bangs head: SG threw away my calendars where I kept notes - I only knew the approximate due dates because I had mentioned it in my LJ. :sigh: So. Monday I started looking for an app or software. I had thought to set up an Excel workbook...but I have a lot of goats (30), I have to track dates (not sure how to get XL to do that...I could probably figure it out), and...I don't want to take the time to set something up, I want to take the time to input data.

I found a Boer goat page that had a bunch of links to software, and read all the reviews. Last night I downloaded the free trial of Ranch Manager - Goat Edition, and started playing with it. I think it's what I need (it was one of the few that'll run natively on a Mac. :sigh:)'s expensive ($99 for the full version), but it'll track EVERYTHING. And I can add other modules if I want to track, say, the horses. Or the dogs. Or if we add sheep and/or cows. Hopefully this'll take care of my faulty memory. :fingers crossed:

3. My husband is silly. He told me a while back that his favorite video game EVER was Myst. I discovered yesterday that Myst was now on iOS - in the App store. :snicker: I think I'll be able to live on this for YEARS, he was so happy. He's got it on his iPad, and he was all gung-ho for me to get it for the kids (and me) too. :lol: Himself is currently trying to figure it out; Herself hasn't tried it yet. I forsee lots of gaming in our future.....:lol: (It's a puzzle game; no deaths, no violence, just a lot of adventure and solving puzzles. Looks like fun!)

4. School. We watched lecture #11 of "My Favorite Universe" today. In it, Neil DeGrasse-Tyson mentioned the movie "Contact"...and how the science was correct in it. So.....guess what's on right now. :lol:

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