May 13th, 2012

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Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday, the kids cleaned out the barn (both kid and doe areas!) for me, we pulled the mats and limed the dickens out under them, put the mats back and limed on top, then bedded with fresh pine shavings. The barn now smells sweet - and the fly population has been cut *considerably* (if you want to try this, don't buy hydrated lime; buy "barn lime" - it's in a brown bag with blue print. Supposedly different from hydrated lime, and it supposedly controls flies. We'll see.) Today, they are doing the milkroom for me.

We went joy-riding today; it was fun. Got to see "Toon Town" - an exotic animal farm. The camels were hanging out by the road, with zebras behind them. Too cool! We also got some ideas for our place...we'll see if we get around to implementing any of them. :lol:

Contractor update: Nothing. Mike had until yesterday; he was supposed to come out. No show, and is ignoring our phone calls. SG left a message yesterday at noon that this was IT - he either showed up or called or we didn't want him coming out again. Nothing. SG called today and left a message - we want a FULL refund on the pool ($1800) and a refund to fix the A/C ($250 for labor, and about that for materials, according to our A/C guy and Home Depot). We also need something to fix the door - it's separating at the bottom - but we haven't gotten a quote for that yet. He has THIS week to get us our $$$$$...and I've already pulled the names of attorneys here. Don't want to go that route, but it looks inevitable.

And, just in case Mike happens to google himself: Mad Dog Pro Remodeling, Mad Dog Remodeling, Pro Remodeling, Mike Wilson, A&M Remodeling. I have his phone number, and the number (and name and address) of the guy who holds A&M Remodeling's website. I also have another phone number for his former partner.....we are NOT happy.

I can't use my studio after about 11 AM, until about 9 PM. I can't use it before 11, thanks to school, and 9? I'm in bed. So...the room is basically UNusable, unless I want to drown in sweat. Which I have been doing, but it's not fun, and not worth what we paid Mike.

The pool boxes have started to disintegrate, and we're worried about LOSING it - that would be $2500 down the drain. SG is going to call someone this week to come out and put it up - we'll use the charge card for that, which neither of us wants to do, but we don't want to lose the pool, either - and I think Mike should make up the difference. AND pay any interest charges....we'll see what the attorney says. My clan cousin is the County DA - don't know if that'll do me any good, but it might. We'll see........we won't get a deck this way (which Mike's $1800 included), but at this point I DON'T CARE. I just want the pool up so we can cool off.

Totally frustrated with this situation. Yes, we've prayed about it.....and still are.

I'm going to go sweat now - I need to weave. Badly.

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me: portrait


SG called Mike from the home phone...didn't leave a message. Mike didn't recognize the number :heh:, and called us back. He tried to pretend that he KNEW, but it was patently obvious he had NO CLUE who he was calling. :snicker:

Anyway. SG demanded the pool $$$ back. He said we were *done*, and Mike would be paying for the A/C repair AND the door repair, as well. Mike hemmed, and hawed, and said his A/C guy was on board and ready to come out. So...SG is a LOT nicer than I am. Mike is to call him tomorrow, and get someone out THIS WEEK to fix the A/C and door. The pool is non-negotiable; at this point I - WE - don't trust him.

SG is going to call attorneys tomorrow anyway...because Mike's track record isn't very good. Better to be prepared, KWIM?

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