May 18th, 2012

me: portrait


1. Yes, Anna - the dining room was PACKED before I started moving stuff out. It was OK...until I set up the sewing machine. It was still usable - crowded, but I could sew and weave, if I squeezed myself in there - until we got the china cabinet (necessary. Seriously.) Now, it's almost empty...I just need to figure out where the stuff will go, and make it happen. When it cools off.

2. Went garage-saling today. Came home with a new set of kitchen canisters - cream pottery (which I like) with pink-and-blue sheep (which.....I don't.) SG picked them out...and he bought them, so - I like them. :lol: (I do, actually. I don't *love* them, but that's OK.)

3. Stopped at Wally-World and picked up another indoor/outdoor thermometer. My studio? Is currently 88*. It's 90* outside. The house proper? Is 78*. It's warm in the house - but I keep it here during the day to cut back on electric bills. 78* is livable. 88* not. Or, not for long.

4. Been reviewing SG's photos from yesterday's game. They're good - he has a really nice Nikon - and...some of them are pretty funny. Like...after a home run, Elvis got a little friendly with Napoli. :lol: He got a really good one of Elvis sliding into 2nd - I mean, seriously good. A cell phone camera just doesn't have the "umph" that a stand alone DSLR does. (Nope, don't have camera-envy. I have a very nice Nikon point-and-shoot SG recommended, and I LOVE it. I just don't carry it around with me much, because it is kinda large (the Nikon 8700, IIRC. Not your dinky little digital camera - this one's sort of the intermediate step between them and the "real" cameras)

5. Have heard nothing from the contractors. I'm going to go silent on them for now, because we are about to turn things over to the proper authorities. This has gone on long enough. :sigh:

Gotta figure out what we're doing for Shabbat dinner. The Challah is braided and rising...but I have no clue what's going to be the main course. Chicken, maybe? We'll see....

Shabbat Shalom!

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