May 20th, 2012

me: portrait

Weekend blahs....

SG has declared that the weekends are for HIM to cook. I can live with that! Last night he fixed Garlic chicken (it was good, but needed spaghetti sauce. VERY Italian!) and Corn Chowder (very bland.) Tonight's menu: Meatloaf.

Baby goats are growing like weeds. We've started adding store-bought milk (I know - SHHHHH! Don't tell the goats!!) so that WE can get some good milk stored for *us*. This AM we got 1 full gallon from 4 goats.....not too bad! :lol: I have 2 gallons of last years' milk still in the freezer - that's what the kids have been getting to supplement the 3 goats that were feeding them. I think we'll continue to mix store milk with the frozen, until we run out of frozen, then we'll do fresh goats' milk half-and-half with the store milk. WE need the milk, too!

It was a nice and comfy 78* in the studio at 6 AM...I got some weaving done. It's currently 89* no weaving for now. :sigh:

Finally got to Home Depot and picked up new hoses for the milking machine. Bye-bye sore hands!!!! (Yes, I'm excited! This is good for me!!)

Children are out planting my grapes, raspberries and blueberries. They planted my watermelon yesterday (finally!). It's been a relatively quiet - but productive - weekend!

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